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Discussion in 'General' started by xtiffany, Feb 7, 2009.

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  2. dude, thanks, i've been occupied with the kaleidescope for a good 15 minutes now... :)

  3. yeahh, no problem. :)
    i stumbled upon them when i was bored.
  4. all of the really popular people on GC are always posting those really cool little sites to go to when you're blazed as hell...
    how in the world do you guys find all of that?
  5. haha, those are quite amusing.
    have to bookmark it and play with it sometime when i'm bored and high.
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    i introduce you to StumbleUpon.

    its a toolbar you download that appears in your browser. when you click it, it takes you to sites that fit your preference. you give the site thumbs up or down, so it'll know what you wanna see. pretty amusing when you're high.

    its pretty addicting for awhile.

  7. yes, lol. thats how i found them lol.
  8. jesus, that's awesome :) i'm about to get baked off some hash and stumble upon as many sites as i can count to...

    +rep, thanks for that, i'm probably gonna enjoy it for a good while. :)

  9. thanks! have fun with it. haha :)

  10. LOL perfect photo for it
    this thing is cool, i can't wait to get high and look at all the great things it has to offer..:smoking:
  11. nice this just showed up on my cp.

    way to liven this shit back up.
  12. that second one is awsome high.
  13. stumble is pretty dope. I signed up about a week ago and have been using it almost nonstop. add me. :)
  14. haha, incredible how much fun you can have!
  15. that stumbleupon site is the shittt.
    so is that drumset. i messed with that for like 20 minutes.
  16. yeah i was pretty entertained by the drumset, that was fun when i was high.
  17. you guys are welcome, my fellow blades. :wave:
  18. jesus i just realized this thread was like a month old..
  19. i'll update this thread every now and then with new time-wasting sites i find. haha

    so, enjoy everyone!

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