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Hot Shot No Pest Strips???!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by pokesmotallday, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. My friend asked me to post this because he doesn't have internet access at the moment.

    He has two plants in flowering, starting Week 6. About 5 days ago he hung a Hot Shot No Pest Strip that he purchased at the local hardware. He hanged it up from the ceiling about 5 ft away from where the plants are.

    Today out of curiosity he asked me to Google these things to see if they are safe and I saw all sorts of warnings and hazards concerning the main ingredient Dichlorvos and it being a carcinogen and whatnot. It also brought up links to threads on grow forums like Grasscity discussing how dangerous NPS are. I told him this and he promptly took it down and moved it to another unoccupied room for the time being.

    He's concerned though that he ruined his whole crop and that it's now too dangerous to smoke it. He's really disappointed. The plants are in the flower stage, week 6 and are probably 4-6 weeks from finishing completely.

    Is his crop going to be toxic? Are NPS really that dangerous? Can he do anything to wash the crap off?
  2. i've heard that it evaporates over time. if that is true than by the time it is dried and cured it should be completely gone, probably before. but that is just what I read on a different forum, so I don't know it to be fact.
  3. Yeah, not really safe from what I hear but I realized that my boss has them where I work! (we threw em away!). I mean if they are that bad they shouldn't be sold because many people use em improperly... I would pull the strip and just go on with it. If ya gotta use these try to keep it only in veg. But i used one once and it worked!

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