Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger3 report

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  1. I, like so many of you, have acquired spider mites. Being that they are so persistent I needed something that will wipe out their entire population. They've been jumping from plant to plant since we first brought them into our grow space from a clone from a reliable medical marijuana dispensary in Sacramento.

    After treating them with neem oil, insecticidal soap and other organic solutions, I said to myself "Fuck it, I'm getting a bomb".

    Now the Hot Shot fogger doesn't even say that it kills mites. But it was the best looking fogger/bomb type of thing that I could find at OSH. Plus I've read that it works on mites.

    It says to let it sit in the enclosed space for 2 hours(for best results). But I would have had a hard time sitting outside my growspace thinking about how saturated the air is with those chemicals. So I let it sit in there for like 20minutes, maybe, if even.

    So right now I am venting out my grow space and I'll let you guys know how THAT method worked.

    My grow space is an extra bathroom in my house, about 7'x4' and there's approximately 10 big plants and about 20 small plants in there, all vegging.

    I have 2 more cans and if 20minutes wasn't enough time, I'll probably end up trying an hour or maybe just the full 2, depending on how my plants are reacting to it.

    Smoke Weed!
  2. so far so good!
    can't find a single alive mite and my garden looks super healthy still.

    I'll post back tomorrow
  3. Melted my plants....if you start to see problems wash the plants down quick

    Invest in a hot shot no pest strip...six bucks from lowes.....long term solution

    Can't wait for the update
  4. opps didnt see the other posts...weird.

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