Hot sauce lovers unite!

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  1. I got this mango hotsauce in hawaii once it had habanero in it too, i bought it off a band of hippies in the woods probobly the best sauce i ever had

  2. Your lucky that shit wasn't 75% mushroom tea.:smoke:
  3. fucking love hot sauces, good on burgers and everything!!!
  4. I love hot sauce. I have an uncle who is like a hot sauce freak he has a cabinet full of different hot sauces. I dont have a favorite overall but siriachi is the best on Asian food and pizza. Franks is the best on wings. The only well known hot sauce I dont like is Tabasco.

    oh if you never have before put tapatio on doritos. You owe it to yourself to try it
  5. what i have in my fridge right now:


    not hot sauce, salsa, but fuckin good
  6. I dig Tapatio.
  7. [​IMG]


    Suprised I haven't seen any Valentina fans yet!
    Best mexican style hot sauce ever; and also some of the cheapest, I could put it on anything even non-mexican dishes.

    And there's not much to say about Sriracha; I think it's pretty widely accepted as the greatest hot sauce known to mankind
  8. i put sriracha on everything, it's the ultimate hot sauce. tabasco is my jam too. grew a shitload of tabasco peppers last year and have homemade tabasco sauce, motherfuckin spicy. i love all hot sauces
  9. i have defintely tried the Sriracha sauce, and it is awesome.
    But there is sooooooo much hotter sauces than that. Killer flavour though.
  10. Fuck hot sauce. I put a large amount of ghost chili flakes in everything I eat. Godlike.
  11. [​IMG]
    My two favorites. Me gusta chile con casi todo.
  12. Tobasco and tapatio taste like more flavorful tomato sauce to me I like serracha in things but not on things it's too sweet I try to get habenero sauce as much as I can and I make my own ghost chili oil
  13. I love Cholula and Tapatio. I go back and forth between the two, but it's great stuff.
  14. Louisiana hot sauce all day baby
    Or valentina if I'm in the mood.
    Tobasco is over rated as shit



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