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  1. I checked up on my baby this morning to water her and she looks the worst ive ever seen her! I could feet how hot it was in there just by feeling the outter walls! I check the thermometer and it read about 100 Degreese... My soil was dryer than dry, so I watered her like I planned abd let her sit out for a while, away from the heat and splashed some water on her leaves.

    All of her leaves were pointing down and some of the branches were falling over.


    Will my baby ever recover?
    What should I do?
    What would help her?
  2. There she is

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  3. I never had a room get up to 100 degrees but last year I did neglect on watering a bit. They would look very similar, slumped over, leaves all drooped. Give it a nice watering and cool down your grow room. Add some fans or a ventilation system. It shouldn't take very long before it will start to straighten up.
    Ya I'm a newbie but I have grown before. Up to you on what you do :)

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