Hot or Cute?

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  1. What is your view on the 2 words?
    What's the difference?

    I get called cute way more than hot, is that good or bad?
  2. I call girls cute ONLY because I think it's what they prefer. I'm all about getting that pooty and if I have to change up my vocab then I will... but when I say you're cute it still means I want my cock inside you.
  3. If a girl thinks your hot your getting some ass. You have to beat her off with a stick.

    If a girl thinks your cute you could easily land in the friend zone if you're not smooth.

  4. I think it's just means you're not getting laid as much as you could be getting.

    It's like, you got the looks to get laid more often, but you're not living up to your potential.
  5. cute = you look good; i respect you
    hot = i wanna fuck you

    cute is still a complement, don't fret
  6. Yes, i can see where you're coming from.

  7. I like being called "Sexy-cute". When a guy says that it really stimulates my..... ego. :ey:
    But it would be cool to be called both hot&cute.
    I feel like "cute" isn't as aggressive as calling a chick "hot" which makes "cute" seem like a lower title.
    ex. "Yeahhh she's cute." compared to "That girl is smokin' hot!"

  8. /thread
  9. Cute girls are for dating, hot girls not so much(based on my experiences)...
  10. Same here... I hate it when a girl calls me cute, it pisses me off a little.

    Being called cute basically means: I think you're attractive, but you have to buy me dinner a couple times before I fuck you.

    Being called hot basically means: I love your body/confidence, and I will fuck you anytime. Just ask.
  11. Both hot and cute guys are good looking but in different ways.

    I call guys cute rather than hot. Saying "that guy is so hot" or something like that sounds weird.

    Hot guys are just nice to look at and I wouldn't want to date them. They are most likely actors and the like.

    Cute guys on the other hand are also good looking and are guys I would want to be with. It's like I am attracted to both their personality and looks.
  12. Cute



  13. Cute wins by a mile.

    It don't sound that bad now...
  14. I've always been called cute and it used to bug me, but not so
    Much anymore..i even have a dimple when i smile.. I've been condemned to cuteness lol :) but I guess whether I'm cute or sexy depends on my mood lol. Sometimes I'll say something and my boyfriend and he'll chuckle and say "you're so cute baby" but then sometimes I give him the look. the I want to fuck you so bad and he always looks surprised because I'm so sweet and calm. And hell just say "god you are so fucking sexy" lol. It's not necessarily even a looks thing, it's an attitude as well. when were with other people and in public im sweet and seemingly innocent lol But when were alone I morph into a little sex kitten and I become sexy lol.
  15. I'd take a cute girl home for Thanksgiving and show her off to the family.

    A hot girl I'd take to my bedroom and not leave for hours.
  16. Both good IMO, although I can't remember the last time a girl called me either TBH. Ah well I'm pretty sure I'm not fugly and pretty girls still talk to me so that's all that matters I guess. Would be nice to score more, but sex isn't all it's cracked up to be... who am I kidding?

  17. elaborate:smoke:
  18. cute and hot are just words that probably mean different things to each person..

    to me a "hot" girl doesn't have to be necessarily really good looking but an average looking girl that dresses sexy and looks like she'd be good to fuk would be hot to me.

    cute to me means more of an innocent looking girl.

  19. Pics....... or gtfo.

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