Hot (not boiling) water to rinse out RooR?

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  1. Is the following method of cleaning my Roor ash catcher one that will not weaken my bong over time? This guy was fairly expensive (I buy roor for nostalgia's sake) - so i want it to last until I drop it.

    I have a roor ashcatcher with a tree perk (here is a picture of one just like it >>> <<<) .

    -I rinse it out every day when I get off work (I'm pretty OCD about a clean piece) in the afternoon to start my session. I use water from my sink, pretty dang hot but no so much that I can't hold onto the glass with a little water running over my fingers - it's not a comfortable hot for sure.

    -I put the room temp piece under the hot water and just let it fill up and run all the resin out (it actually cleans it 100% every time - I never need to clean it) - I do not shake the catcher because i'm scared of dropping the slippery thing into the sink.

    -After all the resin runs out I let the piece cool of at room temp for a sec, then I run it, slowly, under about three decreasing levels of warm water until the piece is close to room temp. At this point I usually just go ahead and fill it up with cold water.

    I know boiling water can break glass and that cold-hot transitions can do it my method safe enough? I will switch to iso and salt if necessary - but that is so time consuming to do everyday. I have searched for an available answer to this on the site but no one's process seem quite as cautionary to temperature as mine.

    Thankyou everyone for your time,
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  2. I've cleaned my pieces in all sorts of ways. The one you speak of, Boiling hot water from the tap, Yeah I do that on the daily. I've even filled a mixing bowl with water, stuck a pipe in it and nuked it for a minute, all the resin bubbled out leaving the pipe clean and the bowl nasty. lol. I tend not to worry about things.

    I prefer acetone for deep cleaning.
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    Just wait for the glass to cool off.

    Say you litterally just took the peice out from under running hot water because its clean. Set it down for about 3 mins. Go load up a bowl in the meantime, when u come back it should be at room temp. Put in cold water, an go enjoy.

    I dont think it would weaken the glass over time.
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