*** Hot New WAYNE (JUNE 09) Lil Wayne - Kobe Bryant

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  1. hell yea, i got this on my myspace lol
    fuk the haters
  2. So Lil Wayne wants to fuck Kobe now?
  3. I knew it.
  4. Like Einstein, her head is the greatest. :D
  5. this is actually pretty good. weezy fell off since doin this rock stuff.
    but u have to admit every now and then u get a good song like this

    that michael phelps track go getta is turrrrrrble tho as charles barkley would say
  6. yeaa this song is hot along with the m&d blend songs that came out this week. ive been listening to whip it like a slave mad times
  7. yeah i like his verse from that and i like that song told yall. other than that i rele have not been listenin to weezy at all. a lot of drake, eminem, and wale lately
  8. word drake is mad nice. you hear his new song "the one"? even tho his verse is only like 30 seconds thats one of my favorites by him
  9. ehh its ok. i didnt think it was his best. i love his energy and flow tho

    his new verse on invented sex with trey songz is crazy.
  10. Yeah, if you like that music, you're fuckin retarted. Sorry, but its a discrace.

  11. yea i agree its not his best but most of the time the beat can decide how much i like the song. but yea that song is sick too cant wait till he drops his album
  12. This shit has been out for like a month...

  13. yeah man i always got this shit wen it first comes out. i would post everything on here but noone ever takes notice wen i do lol
  14. do u get it from hotnewhiphop.com because thats where i get it because datpiff is usually like 4 days behind
  15. I use datpiff its more user friendly but yeh your right hotnewhiphop is on top of there shit.
  16. i use both of them butt...
    nah i actually go on anther forum. its the absolute fastest way. unless flex drops a bomb on hot 97 like he did with death of autotune haha

  17. Haha hell yeah thats why I love living tri-state. Flex usually drops a bomb like that every now n then, and they play some great music.

    On topic, this song was terrible. I was into his early mixtape stuff, but as of late, his music is garbage. I'll take D.O.A by Jay over this song any day.
  18. its funny how every wayne fan always has to say something like "fuck the haters" or they acknowledge the fact that most people HATE lil gayne

    keep raping hip hop guys

  19. yes i am a wayne fan
    fuck the haters

    just about every artist who is good at time or another has rapped with wayne (with the expection of a small few) he is on 3/4 radio stations in miami as i type this whether its his own song or a song he is ft on...... he has been around forever and putss out more music than anyone else.... he is the best rapper alive.... hands down

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