hot knifes..dangerous?

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  1. hey blades. i have recently been getting good bud for good prices. at under 275 a oz for top shelf. Then i found a hash connect. I can get oz's for around 400 but i just got a eighth this time around. It was some pretty good quality bubble hash.. it melts nice. :D. ANYWAYS my question is that is hot knifing the hash i get dangerous?? i speculate that it may be because the matter i am inhaling is so much hotter than just smoking a bowl/joint/bong. I get wayy higher too. I have tried it out of a bong and out of a bowl and feel both are just a waste and i dont get much out of it, but when i hot knife their is nothing left of my hash and it seems to all be used up and that makes me happy since none is wasted. BUT is there any health risks of smoking hash off of 2 hot knifes and a plastic gatorade top.. besides the obvious plastic i am smoking out of..??
  2. if your going to consistently be smoking hash, I'd definitely invest in a skillet. They look badass. ( I say look because I have no hash connect and dont make it often enough to throw down on one. When im old and rollin in trim with nothing to do but make hash though...u can bet your ass i'll have the sickest setup around town.)
  3. lol your concerned about inhaling hash but not concerned about inhaling the plastic fumes?
  4. No dude ... read the whole post. i say in the end besides the obvious plastic fumes what are the dangers. i know my hash isnt going to damage me. im more worried about the extreme heat of the knives.
  5. Yo dude, from new zealand, where im from, we call them spots and do them all the time. if ur afraid of burning urself coz the knives are so hot , its not as hot as burning it with a lighter. and u can make two things to cool the smoke down. ones a glass spottle, pretty much u break the bottem of a beer bottle off and put it in the freezer (Ready for whenever the knives are) and the other one is just the top of the bottle ,like u use, but u put scewers gridding the lower half of it, and then fill it with ice from the top.
  6. haha todka i was about to say the exact thing. I know a dude who uses a small absolute vodka bottle. don't gotta worry about fumes. I dont do spots much though. I stick to my buckies and bongs
  7. Oh mean, another kiwi in the threads.
    yea i only do spots on occasions. Have you had any luck getting bogns into the country?
  8. na mate i make own man. feel like a bundie kunt but ah well. You can still buy them in shops cant you? i can get them in my town. problem is they cost $70+
  9. i bought one online once, took ages to get in. she was only a wee bong, but she got thrue. we named her alice. I got a weed star slim jim on its way, been over a month now =S
    I did spend 60 bux at a store for a nice size plastic bong, was fully worth it.
  10. The bongs in my town are no good (curse small towns) so i just smoke buckies all the time. Cheap and easy. all you need is a bucket, bottle cap, socket peice and a bottle.
    Im sure you are familiar with buckies todka
  11. When I read your post I thought to myself.

    "is a hot knife dangerous? I dunno, knives are always dangerous, and anything hot is even more dangerous. Thats like asking 'think a bear with chainsaw arms is dangerous' no not at all >_>"

    And no, unless the knives are coated in some chemical or have a paint on them, your fine.
  12. lol so now hot knifes are being compared to a mythological robotic creature .. AWESOME lol:D
  13. Not like the gatorade bottle top is being heated but,
    I still find just inhaling above the knife works the best.
    The smoke just follows you inhaling.
    no plastic top needed.
  14. It sounds as if you're worried about fumes/material from the knifes entering your body. Metal is pretty resistant to heat. If you don't, smell, taste, or physically feel something different (harsher or something else bad) you're golden.
  15. your fine, glass doesn't give off any vapor when heated. its just hot bc your drawing air thru the extremely hot knife

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