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hot knife

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. ok as some of you know im not a new toker, infact i smoke my balls off, however, i have never tried hot knifing. i know the basic deal of it but i wanna learn from a pro. im sure there are a few others like me and a lot of greenhorns that wanna know too so can someone please make a post explaining the process in detail and maby even some pics of doin it? much appreiciation.:smoking:
  2. you will need

    -2 knives
    -a bottle
    -some bud

    first get your blow torch ready.

    heat up both knives so they are red hot.

    take a bit of weed ( like .2g) and make it into a ittle ball

    touch one knife to the weed and the weed will stick to the hot knife.

    put the other red hot knife on top of the other knife with the weed in the middle

    have a 2 litter bottle with the bottom cut off int he hand s of the toker.

    place both knives an inch into the bottle

    tell the person to inhale

  3. i just hit some hotknives damn. thats a head rush
  4. I personally like using one knife and a metal surface. Just heat up the surface a little bit and put the bud on it. Then put the other red hot knife (just use a bic, whatever) and push it on really hard. Of course you'll have a bottle w/ the bottom cut off right above it and you can either let it fill up and then hit it or just hit it the entire time. That's the kind of hit you WANT to hold in for as long as you can and when you exhale you will be BLOWN.
  5. I like doing knifers because its a 2 person thing/.
  6. EEbrew is right, but you can also use a stove element to heat up the knifes.
  7. hence why i said fire /stove

    lastw eek we used my buddies electric stove top heating element and it worked really well but it heated up the whole kitchen.
  8. hot knives suck, i've done em once and they gave me a headache...tooooo much oxygen in a hit, not enough smoke, its like an overload and gives me a headach cause I need to inhale so much....
  9. I found the propane torch worked the best...

    Roll up some small bowls of weed, heat up your knives on the fire, hold a knife to the weed press it down, and turn it over as the weed ball will stick to the hot knife, than press the other knife on top of it, and use a toilet paper roll to suck in the smoke with.

    Hot knives are the shit.
  10. thats alot of damn work. is it really that worth it?do you get as blown as with good bong rips?:smoking:
  11. Using weed is stupid. Only use hash. Great hash taste and a giant headrush (don't pass out). And you know you get a great headie high cause its hash dammit!! :D

  12. NO WAY! I love using weed, off of like a .5 i can get so fucking blitzed, its crazy..I feel like going to buy a torch..

    HM! would a gas stove work, or it wouldnt heat it up enough?
  13. But I've gotten pretty good at it. My 2 knives and a straw. I could stand infront of the stove for hours. That's assuming I'm sober enough to stand.

    PS Dont faceplant.
  14. yeah faceplanting in front of a stove would not turn out very well.
  15. LOL I didnt read the list of stuff.
  16. in my experience the two knife method is way more involved and unneccesarily complicated.

    i just put my wwed on the stoves metal surface, pop the knife in the flame till it glows, and press it against the tiny pinch of weed i want to use. collect t all in a bottle (i find it best to use a large bottle, where you can make a really good seal around the knife so none of that precious smoke escapes. unscrfew the cap and BOOM headrush. if youve never done it before, make sure you dont faceplant into the stove. its rare, but its definately possible.
  17. Would an iron work, like one you use for ironing clothes?
  18. nope but a soldering iron does, i have one just for hot knifing. just dont ever put solder on it
  19. this is some simple shit. i prefer to use something wider than a knife to put the bud on but what ever works. as far as i am concerned there are a lot af easyer ways of smokin:bongin: but its fun for two or three people.

    get your knives red hot tap the bud with one knife and with the other press down and sort of grind it between the knives.

    it is kinda a waste of time but when your ripped time is illusive :smoke:

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