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Discussion in 'General' started by Smithnpeek, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. I just ate alot of hot sauce and I am so messed up right now.:confused:
  2. i brought back a 4 pack of hot sauces from mexico.

    i was putting some green habanero sauce on my pizza, and that stuff tore my mouth up really bad.

    i couldn't even take the heat of the pizza on my tounge after 2 pieces with drops of the stuff on each bite.
  3. its the peppers that get you, i wonder what the most powerful pepper is
  4. Haha, nice, yeah, you can get pretty fucked off of hot sauce. It's the endorphin rush. The whole trick to eating hot sauce or hot peppers is to not drink in between. You let the pain build and build and build and then BAM. No more pain, just a huge feeling of euphoria. It's amazing. Oh, and the hottest peppers are the Habanero peppers. Also, the active ingredient that makes that "hot" feeling is called capsacin.
  5. 100% right, my father grew habanero peppers. pretty good if you ask me.
  6. My grandma grows habanero peppers in her backyard. They're so hot but taste great when grinded up and put on anything
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  7. damn it, we dont have any hotsause here, and i was looking for sum and i saw this post like 20 minutes before i needed the sause, and i was like "i just saw hot sause somewhere" and looked in every cabinet in my kitchen...u bastard playin tricks on my mind
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  8. Was at a party saturday night and a friend of mine did a shot of jack with a bunch of drops of after death sauce in it. tore him up inside for like 2 hours
  9. I'm officially addicted to hot sauce now! And all I have is this tabasco sauce, I feel compelled to ask the hot sauce aficionados on their opinion of best hot sauce out there so I can feel the magnificent high/burn of it and then laugh the pain/euphoria away with a glass of warm milk I warmed up in my microwave.
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  10. I love habanero sauce. Fucking amazing.

    Tabasco sauce = shit

  11. Come on man, I like it.
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  12. More power to you, but you might as well just put vinegar on your food.
  13. hahaha, 12 year old thread of a bunch of heads discussing "habanero" as the hottest pepper.

    loved finding this.

    habanero is my favorite pepper, although I have a ghost pepper sauce that has been getting used up.
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  14. Yummers! I used to dabble in the dark arts, consuming a million scoville unit pepper. My poor tum tum can’t take it anymore though. Not worth the 12hours of severe cramping to follow

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  15. You saucy resurrecting old posts n shit:p must be some dank hot sauce lolol
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  16. geez, that SUCKS! do you still do some heat for flavor / to reminisce?
    about how hot can you go now before having to consider the toll on your stomach?
    sounds like you had some fun with fire before the stomach probs, at least!

    that second one I posted is my current favorite all-around hot sauce.
    I've always been the one to order spicy dishes at restaurants (since about age 7),
    though just recently started to get into actual hot sauce that you add AFTER the food comes to you.

    I quite enjoy plunging into the psychedelic spice realm of Scoville.
  17. Scorpions, Carolina reapers and ghost chilis are still the hottest in the world
  18. Im guilty of posting on old threads also lol my dumb ass forgets to check the date sometime :roflmao:
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  19. Sometimes the little fellas can be taken, anything around a good habanero or hotter I’ll feel it.

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