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Hot girls...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. Is it just me, or are girls getting high INCREDIBLY SEXY!

    To me you can get high with an average lookin girl, and just the fact that she is gettin high makes her that much sexier!
    its amazing. I was gettin high with these girls the other day n just watchin em get high was like, GOD DAMN! its crazy haha
    im kinda high but o well, anyawy, thats just amazing innit!
  2. Hell yea I love a girl that likes to get buzzed!!
  3. my girlfriend doesnt smoke too much, but when she does, man, it makes her that much sexier..this goes for other girls too, man, it's hot!
  4. Yessir! sexy smokers galore!
  5. Hell yeah I fuckin love smokin with my girlfriend.
  6. yep yep yep.
  7. man, I wish there were guys like all of you where I live...guys around here don't like girls that smoke...that was one of the reasons my ex left me....that and he was cheating on me with high school girls
  8. Her name was Katie Jim lol. How often do you get out? I mean its sexy when girls smoke yeah, but its pretty much an every day occurance ;) haha, I'll get sarah to burn a fat one with ya one day soon
  9. I don't find it attractive when their eyes are bloodshot, maybe thats just me. I like nice clear eyes.

    But i do think the sex is more fun.
  10. do you think maybe just maybe it could be yur perception, while YOUR stoned that turns us beauties into a ...ganga princess mirage? justa thought...
    its probably just cause were all so beautiful anyhow :D
  11. nah, but then again, I dont know, cause when im around other people when they are smokin im usually smokin too, so im high when they'r high and it could be possible. But one way or another it makes me just wanna hump somthin \o/

    ./ \

  12. Its evil when you smoke weed, but its alright for him to bang some other girl.
    Kinda fucked up there..

  13. every day occurances are aloud to be sexy.

    btw which one of them girls was who?

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