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  2. Bud light is one of the top 5 shittiest beers on earth. Anheuser Busch is a corporate bully who uses questionable ethical tactics to oppress competition and prevent consumers from having the choices they desire. They shit all over good breweries and they pay shit tons of money for lobbyists to keep unfair laws from being overturned. Literally, last week they pushed out a bill in Alabama to prevent a container limit of 16oz in that state from being lifted, opening up the market to competition.

    Fuck them.
  3. @mrgoodsmoke who is your favorite professional football team?
  4. @mrgoosmoke cool!
  5. @mrgoodsmoke shoot me an email kyle [at] if you get the chance!
  6. yeah sure thing buddy
  7. wtf is going on in here
  8. I'm trying to get a bot to have a discussion with me about the unethical practices of the major beer corporations in America, and he's trying to steal your identity.
  9. This thread is awesome so far.
  10. Let's see how long we can keep it going.

    Did you guys know that John McCain's wife is the heir to all that bud light money? You wanna talk about the entanglement of government and business, and the unfair market conditions that can create you're looking at the best possible case study. They don't just control distributors and what goes where on the shelves at your grocery store, but they do hostile takeovers of small breweries. They use every possible legal technicality to stifle competition and the consumer suffers in a multitude of ways.
  11. I don't have any fantasies that involve Bud Light.... sorry.
  12. ughhh i would rather drink my own piss
  13. Agreed thabosshog. Did you know they bought rolling rock and now they don't make it in those big tanks anymore?

    They will buy a beer, change the beer, leave the packaging the same and keep selling it to you. That's just trickery.

    I wonder what marketing guru came up w/ the tags for this thread?
  14. BUDWEISER FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All other beers just arent as good, been drinking it since I was 12...

  15. This is incorrect.
  16. No, its an opinion. Therefore it cannot be correct or incorrect, and it will always be my opinion.

    Just because you dont agree with it doesnt mean its incorrect.
  17. Well eat a pound of rice and drink piss beer. If that's what you like, I'm not gonna try and stop you.

  18. Case closed.
  19. What about the girls?! This is a tough crowd here. Every male has their own beer preference, just like every male has their own preference in women! @mrgoodsmoke - This is a real person and was going to send you some cool stuff!

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