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Hot fudge cake

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. for the munchies tonight.. Damn good!!!!!!
  2. I have Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza with green peppers :D
  3. Another fine munchie!!!
  4. Hey Bud Head and Hempress, y'all deliver? And do you charge for delivery?
  5. I'll send it to ya via e-mail!
  6. OK, I need onions and mushrooms added to the pizza and nuts on that hot fudge cake. estimated delivery time?

  7. 3 months. :D
  8. Sooner than you can lick your lips.. LOL

    It's all a phone call away!!!LOL
  9. well ain't this just like corporate America
  10. Yea we promise and don't deliver...

    Or We tell you you can't get it till you don't want it any moreZ!
  11. mmm..sounds great hempress:)..mushroom and sausage pizza here...:)
  12. We ordered a super supreme and meat lovers today with extra cheese on both!!!!!

    Right fucking on!!!
  13. All you can eat Chinese buffet... i'm friggin stuffed.
  14. I love the veggie lovers pizza.. I am a garden king any way...
  15. chicken pot pie and cream corn...

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