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Hot Cocoa

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by Relaxxxxx, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Making weed hot cocoa is easy as pie, delicious, and puts you on your ass. All you need is an electric teapot, cream, weed, and hot cocoa mix.
    1--Put the cream/milk in the teapot and put it on the lowest setting so that it doesn't boil.
    2--Grind the weed as fine as you can and dump it in.
    3--Occasionally stir the weed and never let the cream/milk bubble. (If it gets too hot it'll destroy the THC).
    4--Keep stirring for about a half hour.
    5--At this point, you can either strain out the weed or leave it in and continue to step #6
    6-- Add the hot cocoa mix and stir.
    7--Drink up!

    (Leaving the weed in the mix may make the drink stronger as some of the THC and trichromes have been activated, but have not bonded to the fat in the cream)
    Warning-If you don't strain out the weed, the last swig is going to be absolutely VILE.

    It's a quick, tasty, effective recipe. Hope you enjoy!
  2. It's good to see that you have an interest in edible cannabis, it's a nice start :)

    Activation however does not occur when the material is submerged in water, or when water is present... activation, otherwise known as decarboxylation (the action which causes cannabinoid conversion, from their acid, to their active and more potent delta forms) is literally the process of drying out your cannabinoids prior to breaking their glandular material down.

    Decarboxylation, or activation, removes the carboxyl group in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Meaning, before activation could reasonably occur in such an environment, you would need to boil off almost every trace of the water present. This is why it's crucial to decarb first, or to at the very least begin with a pure oil source; that's where the process starts. Water being present beforehand, in a way, all but 'stops' time.

    The sensations felt from improperly processing edibles are most derived from the few activated cannabinoids, already present, which had been converted naturally, prior to cooking. And from the array of readily available terpenes (these last are the elements which cause officers and agents to feel 'high' when clearing out a grow/bust).

    Activation is only the first, of two crucial steps.

    After activation, you need to then break down the glandular material in an edible solvent such as alcohol, oil or glycerin etc. Water contamination during this step (and that's what it is: a contamination of your solvent) drastically reduces the efficiency of the process..... water-oils/butters for instance can often take a full day, or -days- of intermittent heating, with the cannabinoids sustaining a certain degree of damage, before fully achieving potency. Versus the few short hours of gentle heat that a proper oil requires, to achieve full potency.

    Cannabis glandular material is notoriously difficult for the body to break down and absorb, this is still true after activation has occurred... it will go in one end, and out the other, without providing the sensations it could have had it been processed properly.

    Yes you certainly can make a water-oil, and stop early, and still get a little buzz. The point, is that it's a HUGE waste of material, when you could have had four or five much stronger doses of good medication from the same quantity. That's right, the difference is literally several times the required dose, when not made properly.

    Milky teas, brewed this way, are what we call 'worst-case-scenario' edibles, designed for those who don't have access to a kitchen and the simple tools to make a proper edible. If conserving your meds is important, these are NOT the recipes to be using. They are only useful if you have plenty of canna to spare, and don't mind being very, very wasteful.

    This is why there is so much dosage discrepancy for edibles: because processing matters.

    The best way to make 'H(P)ot Chocolate' or cocoa, is to make a proper oil first, then whisk it into hot (200f) milk or cream with your preferred chocolate or cocoa, whether it's a mix or home made. If adding lecithin at this point, which is preferable (it's easy to find), then it should only take a few moments of brisk hand whisking to homogenize the canna oil into the cocoa, for a smooth drink.

    If lecithin is not available, blend while warm on short bursts in a blender for up to several minutes (a small layer of potent oil may still collect at the surface this way, to be consumed almost as a 'shot' then chased by the cocoa that immediately follows).

    Hope this helps :)

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