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Hot boxing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Filth Noir, May 22, 2010.

  1. So I know that if you hold in a hit for over five seconds is ghosting a hit, and kills brain cells. Now how about hot boxing? wouldn't that be bad for you?
  2. no. first of all u dont need to hold in that long.. thc gets absorbed quite quickly. secondly, the smoke inside of a hotboxed environment usually has no thc at all, unless your doing it wrong, not inhaling and just wasting weed...

    @pureimagination, i think you're wrong about ghosting. over here we also give the term for holding in hits as "ghosting" when you exhale there's barely anything coming out. What you're referring to is called the french inhale
  3. I always though a french inhale was blowing out smoke through your mouth and inhaling it through your nose. Blowing out a mushroom cloud and sucking it back is most definitely known as a kill hit
  4. oh yea ur right i just read his post wrong... french inhale is uninhaled smoke from the mouth into nose
  5. alright, im not going to argue over slang because it obviously varies between different locations.

    Urban Dictionary: ghosting
  6. #6 ibehyyerr, May 22, 2010
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    That is called a "Snap" Where im from,,
    A "ghost hit" is when you take a hit, and dont blow anything out.. And hotboxing is great.. :bongin:

    edit: The ghost hit definition of my ghost hit sounds most legit. Think about it.. "Ghost" whenn yu blow up out you see no smoke. cuz u ghosted it... ;D
  7. I really see no point in this act to be quite honest; I haven't done it in a long time. I like to breathe fresh air.
  8. Yea, that's a snap, and ghosting is holding in the smoke for so long, after exhaling it, barely nothing comes out. And hot boxing does rock :smoke: I just don't want to be doing anything that's going to make me completely retarded.
  9. If your hot boxing with a blunt or a jay the second hand smoke still has THC in it, making hot boxing efficient.

  10. haha, tru thatt :smoke:
  11. i call that shotgunning and ghosting is when you blow out little to no smoke, to me atleast
  12. I call the cloud thing a 'Kirby Bopper' and the no smoke thing an 'Aunt Jemima'.
  13. Shotgunning is when one person puts the cherry end of the joint into there mouth, blows the smoke to another persons mouth then you hit them in the chest, causing them to take a huge hit.7
  14. :laughing:...Nah.
  15. My ghosting is holding in until nothing comes out (typically) although, I haven't done this in a while. A shotgun is 1 of two things for me. putting the cherry of a blunt in your mouth, and exhaling to a partner. Or giving your hit to a partner.

    What is snapping? I've always considered it to be when you *snap* the bowl thru on your bong/waterpipe.
  16. Ghosting means both, holdin in a hit for a long time so no smoke comes out, and the ghost trick, take a hit dont inhale let it out and suck it back in and inhale
  17. hot boxing is just smoking in the car. it's no different than smoking in your room
  18. Not really what he was asking, but it is pretty different from smoking in your room.. Unless you smoke with the windows closed
  19. that i do
  20. You'd think smoking in your room, a place with a larger volume than your car, the smoke would probably get absorbed into something before you get the chance to breath on it for a while. I don't know... My room's big.. so yea lol

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