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Hot boxing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TurtleSocks, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. My friend told me that hot boxing things like cars or whatever gets you higher faster. Is this true? I have this small shed and I've been wanting to hot box it for a while but I'm not sure if it even works.

    Anyone ever hot box something? Does it actually work?
  2. To my knowledge, yes, this does actually et you higher, reason being that when you hotbox, you are CONSTANTLY inhaling smoke(if done right), some things to remember while hot boxing though:

    ALWAYS cover any airholes or places where smoke can escape(some damp rags or towels with some clips always helps)

    ALWAYS have a fan nearby, this is so that when your done, you can place the fan at the entrance facing outward, and blow all the smoke out of where your hotboxing

    Always bring water with you, preferably a couple of bottles so that if one of you gets too smoked out, they can soothe their throat with it

    Always have friends! The more the merrier! If you all have your own bud and toking tools, it gets the smoke in the room REAL fast, also, use bongs if you can, more smoke, better smoke, cooler smoke, gets your throat irratated slower. It's really hard to hotbox without friends as you're the only person providing the weed(and the smoke)

    Always have fun, if one of you starts to have a bad time, have him/her quickly slip out of room for a sec to chill, and if they want, later come back in.

    Hope I helped :) happy toking :bongin:
  3. I don't think hotboxing gets you higher, but it is still fun to do every so often.
  4. For it to actually get you higher the smoke in the air would have to be really really thick. Probably unbreathabley thick
  5. You just take in second hand MJ smoke. Which can raise your high, plus its just fun as hell to fill up a small ass car with smoke. Maybe this can help

    [ame=]Potluck - Hotbox Anthem - YouTube[/ame]
  6. Either way, I suggest you try it!
    It's definitely fun to hotbox cars if you're with friends, but since the cannabinoids in cannabis are released almost instantly from inhaling, I don't think you get higher.
  7. I have always wondered if hotboxing actually gets you higher

    Thank you blades
  8. Do a test. Have 1 guy sit in the car but not toke up and only have 2nd hand smoke. If he gets high then yes you get higher. If not atleast its fun. I always seem to b more fucked up after hotboxing than not
  9. Always seems to get my higher
  10. Hotboxing totally gets you higher, youre constantly inhaling smoke...
  11. Well it is possible to get contact high, so yes I imagine that hotboxing must have some effect on your high.
  12. Hotboxing does make you a little higher.
  13. Yeah, you get pretty ripped of your in a car smoking a blunt or two with all the windows closed. The smoke stays enclosed in the car and you just keep breathing it all in. You deffinetely get ripped doing that. Gas masks are pretty awesome to smoke out of too.. but IMO I don't really like hot boxing much at all. Just me. I enjoy bowls and pipes most of the time, bongs, blunts and Js here and there
  14. We hotbox all the time. It's so awesome to roll down the windows and see all the smoke roll out
  15. Me and my friend used to smoke constantly in his shed in his backyard, it's real small, say two chairs in there comfortably and we used to get pretty damn high after a few bong rips in there with the door closed. You can see all the smoke swirling in the air, lol it's pretty cool.

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