Hot boxing question...

Discussion in 'General' started by The_Nut, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Ok, I use the ol' "dryer sheets in the toilet role" to cover up the smell, so I was wondering if it's ok to hot box with one... just wanna make sure I wont be inhaling deadly toxic chemicals
  2. that kinda defeats the purpose of hotboxing.. When you use the dryer sheets, it filters out the smoke, and deoderizes it. When you hotbox, your supposed to let whatever you in fill up thickly with smoke...
  3. Ya, if you're really worried about the smell...why are you hotboxing?
  4. hahah, sorry man, its one or the other...

    if the tube with dryer sheets is working, there will be no smoke. you should be able to hotbox, and even if you could, the smoke has been filtered, so anything you inhale is purely harmful.
  5. I only use the tube and dryer sheets when im in my room and i dont want it to reek. If your hotboxing a car (or closet, etc.) why would u want to use it?
  6. I'm not using it in my car! I'm using it inside my house.
  7. hahah, you definately are a nut. that wont work.

    a hot box is a room filled with smoke. smoke smells. so pick. no smell. or no hotbox. no both.
  8. Have you ever accidently inhaled whenur mouth is on the dryer sheet tube? It tastes like SHIT.

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