Hot Box On The Down-low

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  1. Alright so my friend and I decided that since my mom and sister were home, we needed a safe place to smoke. It was around 10:00 at night so I thought that no one would have to leave through the garage. So we decided to just chill in my car and listen to some tunes while we hot-boxed it.

    Then the door leading from the laundry room to the garage opened, and my mom and sister walked into the garage.

    Me and my friend started freaking out when we saw them. I immediately turned down the volume knob on my car stereo. Luckily, my windows are tinted so I just told my friend to lean her seat back and try not to make eye contact with them as they walked by. It sucked because they ended up staying near the garage for about five minutes. The two of us just sat there laughing at our situation until my mom and sister went back inside.

    They never knew we were there. :smoke:
  2. They couldn't smell it?

  3. Nope. We had the windows rolled up.
  4. haha good shit man. thats how you pull ninja shit off.
  5. I used to park my truck in my neighbor's driveway when they weren't home. I'd burn down and i told myself if i ever saw my mother or father walk out i'd start my truck and drive to mcdonald's. Those were the FUNNEST times. Sneaking out of my house late at night and chiefing a blunt, and sneaking back in. Speaking of which my neighbor's are gone now. Too bad i can't smoke because i'm looking for a god damned job :(
  6. Haha imagine if she opened your door...smoke rolling into her face
  7. I seriously doubt they couldn't have smelled it.
  8. Your family is prolly cool with you smoking, they had to have smelled it a little bit. But who knows maybe they didnt
  9. "Hold on honey, let me go check your brothers car for it."

  10. That would have sucked! The smoke would just pour out haha.
  11. + rep for being a stright fucking NINJA! that's badass man.
  12. That's sick. I wish I could pull off shit like that :rolleyes:
  13. Heres a question for you, after hotboxing your car how do you get rid of the smell? Just drive with all windows open? Spray something?

  14. Hahaha - for sure, man! Thanks a lot.

  15. Dude, I have to admit that I may be the stoner who is the most unconcerned about my car smelling like weed:smoke:. And I don't think that there is an experience quite like a "late-night" drive - with the music turned up and putting the windows down after you hot-box. It is amazing.

    Anyways, just drive around all day with your windows down, or just leave them down overnight if you can. I also have one of those Christmas-tree air fresheners and it always helps. But if you need a quick solution, you can always spray a tolerable air-freshener like Fe-breeze. Tobacco smoke can also help you if you are extremely desperate.

  16. Lol me and my nephew and my "bro" Jesse were hot boxing it in a closet at the park. We plan to run as soon as we open the door, we did and we ran right into a cop, who was watching us the whole time. But we split up and met back at jesses pad. Talk about close calls.
  17. That's sick status bro. Lol

  18. i keep a thing of febreeze in the glove box all though i really don't care about my car smelling like weed.

    i find that if u spray some febreeze and leave the windows down over night it should smell fine the next morning.

    make sure its not gonna rain though
  19. fuckin ninjaed that shit:yummy:

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