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    Does anyone ever sit down and wonder.
    Hang in there...
    Hey these feminist are using children in skimpy outfits to promote gender "equality."
    If I used children in skimpy outfits to promote my condom brand, thing people frequently buy, would that promote gender equality?
    And wonder hey, maybe that wouldn't be viewed in the same fucking light???
    So all I'm saying is...
    I am not upset about it being a girl. I'm upset with it being a child explotited. None the less, on the internet, in skimpy clothing, in a venue with all weirdos can now view it.
    Stay happy  :)

  2. I thought this thread would be different.

    Using kids to promote condoms is fine. Motherfuckers need to buy them and be responsible
  3. We should ban shorts for women from all sporting events, then. Anyone can go to those high school and middle school games.

    And then ban girls from wearing shorts in any printed publication also.

    Dicks was just trying to protect the children, not exclude a whole gender from a sport they obviously don't belong in. Little boys can be skimpy and slutty all they want for perverts though. Who the fuck cares about them.
  4. It is distrubing that they would use children in that way.
    If I were to use children to try to promote using protection I would show footage of them acting up or some shit lol
  5. Exactly...

    "Don't want this? (Shows kids bein crazy)...Then wrap it up with this..."
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    They're more than welcome to open Vagina's Sporting Goods and fill the catalogs only with women. What woman wants to shop at a place called Dicks? Actually, probably a lot. But that's not the point.
  7. How are you blaming feminists for this? The girl choose to write the company herself. Did you guys even read the article?
  8. Sensationalism at its worst. I think it was cool what she did.
  9. Unless they don't want women shopping in their stores, then maybe they should exclude half the population from their basketball catalogue.
  10. Where's all the pics???
    Total let down!
    I cried a little 5/5  :D
  12. I'm so confused I didn't see anything about condoms
    If Dick's was next to Vagina's... well... pretty soon there could be a new sporting goods store in town.
  14.  interesting article. bored kid. but she still brings up some good points. i want to see athletic women using sporting equipment and clothing. maybe they're gonna add a section of yoga pants and equipment. show me the yoga pants section! and if they sell sports equipment, then they surely sell cheerleader equipment!
    Totally ok with that. As long as the women choose to do so on their own.
  16. is victoria's secret sexist for mot selling a line of mens undergarments?
    Who cares I like my women and men beefy.
    Not skinny like twigs.
  18. aw shucks i was all ready to report a pedo thread
    sorry m8

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