Hostel 2

Discussion in 'General' started by Sweet_Leaf, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Just watched hostel 2 buzzed, i am really dissapointed. It was just torturing people again, mainly american girls. I am really pissed i watched this. I dont reccomend anyone watches this while blazed. Long and stupid. I dont mind gore, i liked the puzzles in the Saw trilogy, but this was just dumb. Dont reccomend.
  2. I actually just saw the first Hostel a few months ago. It was alright, I liked when he sliced the dude at the back of the heel so when he walked it tore open... Badass.
  3. I saw hostel 2 and I thought it was great. Never saw part 1 though.
  4. When the back of the hell was cut in number 1 i thought that was pretty crazy, the achilles tendon. Part 2 had bloodbaths and shit, it was just not my type of thing. Some guy was eating another guys flesh, it was wierd as hell.
  5. Stop bitching.
  6. I saw the first one, I hated it. Too fucked up for me. Dont think I'll watch number 2

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