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Hostage situation at Discovery Channel headquarters

Discussion in 'General' started by Tha Professor, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Just want to point out that I never said otherwise. Fox is by far the most blatant distorter of news, so we can always expect the actual truth to be slightly different from whatever they reported. I was only making the point you agreed with. :)

    ps. i hope the guy gives himself a Head Rush. (sorry, it's science channel, but i'm watching it right now so take that!)
  2. Or maybe FOX News.
  3. Yeah I like the Discovery Channel!

    Jersey Shore however.....
  4. I heard this was all staged for next week's episode of Surviving the Cut.

  5. Oh, no, I wasn't disagreeing with you when I said that, I was just trying to say that I did see his point, is all.:eek:

    Oh, and good pun!:D
  6. hell, that whole channel is just for parasitic infants. i think you guys are onto something, camping out mtv woulda made a lot more sense
  7. hes moving from a moving from a channel

  8. i suppose there are people that fit the description but i wouldnt generalize all humans to it.
  9. Not a good way to channel anger.
  10. Yeah, plus they have countless shows with sluts who drink till their clothes come off but then they try to run all their bullshit anti-drug commercials. So these stupid teenager grow up and drink their entire lives and ruin their livers. :smoke:

  11. volcanoes

    I'm not good at puns so I have nothing witty to say :(

    but his demands are down that kinda sucks, any other links to em?

  12. /b/ is sure to have it.

    Fuck rule 1.
  13. I knew he was dead when I first heard they shot him.
  14. Ironic how he never mentioned his time as a "disgusting parasitic human infant."

    Maybe he thinks he just skipped that.....
  15. parastic human infants?
  16. /thread
  17. At the end of all this, Big Bubba is going to put his dick Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, Shawshank Redemption style.

    Welp, since he's dead guess my witty pun won't apply.
  18. Illuminati

  19. i think its interesting that he waited for the two year restraining order to expire before he stormed the facility. was that out of respect for the court? or what? :D


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