Hostage situation at Discovery Channel headquarters

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  1. Hostage 911 at Discovery Channel -- Man with Gun
    Discovery Channel Hostage Situation |

    Quick, list as many witty puns about this situation as you can.
  2. uh... uh...

    .... mythbusters!
  3. stop all the downloadin
  4. Lets kick him in the balls. That covers one of his demands.
  5. aw man i suck at witty puns:(
  6. Looks like this guys got....a dirty job
  7. i hope he doesnt request the cash cab as a get a way!
  9. Thats exactly how it was implied hahaha
  10. Looks like this guy should use the gun on himself and take out one of those "parasitic human beings"

    He's certainely going to discover what its like to be in prison. hey maybe discovery channel can do a documentary on him!
  11. Looks like this man is aiming for the Deadliest Catch.;)
    Hopefully they don't push him to his Breaking Point.:eek:
    After this man threatens someone's Life, he'll probably attempt to escape in the Cash Cab.:devious:
    Luckily though, the police will probably have this guy Destroyed in Seconds.:cool:
  12. World's Deadliest: Man with Gun Edition
  13. Wasn't one of his demands for another shark week?
  14. somethin you can only encounter on planet earth
  15. @Postal Blowfish:

    Yeah, they play it all the time on Discovery too.
  16. I guess he thinks that the Discovery Channel needs some 'Overhaulin'

    Flipped: A hippie tells all

    If he had and AK: American Chopper

    Deconstruction intervention
  17. Ahhhhhhhh!:D Good ones!
  18. I hope that he doesn't.....umm.....ICE ROAD TRUCKERRSS!!!!!!
  19. He started on the Discovery Channel and hes gonna end up on Court TV
  20. Maybe they can do a new spin off where Bear Grylls beats the shit out of anyone who tries to take control of the discovery channel headquarters.

    They can call it Man vs. Wild Fanatic with a Gun. :laughing:

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