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  1. just picked this bad boy up from the local smoke shop, before we smoked it we settled on the name lucifer. ;) boxing week sale on the shop ment we got 40% off on this beast. regular 405$ we snaged it for 240$. its probably the nicest and smoothest bong ive ever smoked :) still tryna figure out what the bittom perk is called if anyone knows?

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  2. Sweet pickup. I have seen threads on this website saying Hoss is cheap china glass. Too them I say shenanigans. I love their bongs. So smooth, such little drag, joints fit good and twist out easily. milkshot?
  3. Reverse SHowerhead? just a guess!, I like these bongs you can swap and switch anytime you want!
  4. Bottom perc is called a showerhead to disk. Hoss is crappy THIN china glass with a lot of drag. Trust me I've hit tons of them. The hoss pieces get draggy when you add a middle perc like yours. My buddy had the triple inline base to circ perc to coil and the drag was just stupid. nobody liked it. Especially for 240 bucks you coulda got something way nicer and it's sad to see another canadian buying into hoss' monopoly on the canadian glass market.
  5. Sick find man, can't go wrong with nearly %50 off! I hope it lasts you a loooong time :smoke:
  6. It's a inverted showerhead, that's a FUCKING weird stemless it has, cool pick up though, only complaint I'd have is that it doesn't look like your bottom perc have many slits in it.
  7. I don't know what I am missing here though. As log as you don't put too much water in, there is barely any drag. And thin glass, I've seen a bong like this tip over and seen a dumbass drop the bottom piece and nothing's broke. Maybe I just don't know what I am missing out on.
  8. you're missing............ something
  9. Haters gon' hate, Skaters Gon' Skate

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