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Hoss bongs

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Mr O, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    does anyone know where I could purchase a HOSS bong online? I've been looking around but couldn't find any website selling them.

    Cheers :smoke:
  2. Useyourlungs
  3. and if you live in canadia too thenextlevelinc

  4. thx man, i just ordered a hoss showerhead a/c off there, looks like they stack and for 58 bucks :)
  5. apparently the next level inc is out of them,i tried to order one last week,but i bitched them out on there facebook lol for selling synthetic thc(spice) maybe he took my names down lol,not sure. Yeah theres some footage of it on youtube,it stacks nicely.
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    Ya I love my hoss setup. I just went out today and got myself a circ perc for my serup, Got it at Friendly Stranger in Toronto. I'll be posting a unboxing soon

    Only places to get it online are thenextlevel and useyourlungs
  7. this is why you should buy a hoss, 7mm OR 9mm and they really affordable
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mdATGyziIY]YouTube - Hoss 7mm Bouncing Beaker (#YO42)[/ame]
  8. useyourlungs does,i wanna get the circ attachment,how much was it?
  9. Hoss looks like some good glass i got my eye on that 12 arm bubbler... What do you think about it? Does it diffuse good?
  10. so, useyourlungs doesn't ship to the usa.

    are there any other websites? i'm willing to pay more...i just really want some of the build-a-bong pieces.

  11. don't waste your money
  12. US TUBES

    For those not ITK, US tubes put out a non-janky version of build-a-tubes.
  13. Canadian companies dont like to ship to the States because the customs there is brutal and can seize things and then you are out a bunch of money and come after the company for the product when its not their fault. It sucks but what can you do right

  14. no, because you can get something that isn't china made there like hoss
  15. There is a store in Keswick, thats where I live, its about 15 minutes north of Newmarket, they have a very large selection of Hoss glass, plus they said if they dont have it they will order. anyway, they had the glycerin filled freezer tops in 3 colours and they also had a glycerin filled centre perc that you can add to your build a bong. Maybe they would ship to US for you, ask them. www.thekockydog.ca

    Hope thats helpful:wave:

  16. very helpful- especially since im in hamilton
  17. Well I was kind of replying to a couple of posts, someone else was asking if anyone would ship to the US and you were just asking if anyone knows where to buy them. Hamilton is about an hour and a half from Keswick but if you wanted to come up for the day there are great beaches here so it would be worth the trip.


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