Hospital Soup

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  1. Boudreaux was in the Hospital for a minor treatment. They gave him a nasty chicken soup at lunch and he told the Orderly he didn't like the soup and to get him something else! The Orderly told Boudreaux He really should eat his soup!
    Later that night, Boudreaux's Room mate was having horrible stomach cramps, so an enema was ordered. The Nurse's ended up giving the enema to Boudreaux by mistake!! As Boudreaux was leaving the next day, he passed Thibodeaux coming in to have a minor procedure done.Thibodeaux asked Boudreaux how the Hospital treated him. Boudreaux said all was fine until He had refused to eat his chicken soup, The Nurse's had snuck in at night and shoved it up his ass!!! LOL :smoking:
  2. lol good joke...the names confused me for a min tho
  3. Those name's take the major load of "Cajun" jokes here in Louisiana!! LOL :smoke:
  4. Eww a chicken soup enema gross


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