Ho's will be ho's

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  1. So one day I was on GC looking for a interesting story. I look and look and look, but I always end up reading some bullshit about a grown ass man bitchin about a slut. When I say "slut" I don't mean every female. I mean those busted n disgusted skeet-offs that most of you guys keep running into. Now I consider myself a reasonable guy, and I understand that you guys may feel the need to vent, which is why I created this thread. I'm going help all of you guys out so you don't have to post about it anymore. If you feel the urge to post anything about a bitch that isn't even worth the typing, I want you to read this instead.

    1. "Move on bro". If you keep thinking about her it will only get worse.

    2. "Go fuck something". The only thing that's better then pussy is pussy ( and money ).

    3. "Hang with your homies". Friends will always keep a smile on your face.

    4. "Stop being a bitch". I don't know rather it's genetics or that lil b character, but men have become more like females. Man the fuck up. I never again want read about a GC member crying himself to sleep because a his bitch got fucked.

    5. "Lay the pipe down everytime". Fuck your women good fellas. If you hit it right, you lower your chances of getting fucked over.

    It fucks me up to read about you guys going through pity bullshit.t. We have to do better. Peace......o and i'm high as hell so excuse my errors.
  2. apostrophe shows possession

    should be hos
  3. havent read it but like it already ho's are ho's ma dude

  4. I'll keep that in mind
  5. Holy shit....this changes EVERYTHING!!
  6. Thank you for laying that down as I was just thinking how many stoners worry about love life and what this chick or that chick thinks. Perfect response. Two thumbs up :)
  7. fuck bitches,get money
  8. Good Shit OP, thanks for the nice delivery.
  9. Hoe always know it's a hoe.
  10. Hoes gon be hoes so I couldn't blame Tammy.:(

  11. not women are possessions moron

  12. agreed.
  13. ya lil b is a pretty bitch lmao.......... but i love every part of this post its sooo fuckin true!!!!!!!
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  15. Okay? You are perpetuating stereotypes like a motherfucker here.

    1: Women are not possessions and it's not okay to joke about.
    2: Men are allowed to have feelings.
    3: You're exaggerating big time here. Sure some people let loose than others but I think venting on here is a whole lot better than venting in real life, at least sometimes.

    You might not be mature but at least realize that instead of trying to prop up your social defects as acceptable if not commendable behavior you should think about what you're playing into. This sort of romanticized male behavior is not helpful. Men and women both need to be balanced and calm instead of trying to epitomize the extremes of their gender to be attractive.
  16. how about this? 99% of girls younger than 25 will cheat on u.

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