Horses and cannabis: Help!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by corto maltese, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. Hi GC!

    I just changed locations for one of my pots and just after realised that my plants were next to several horses (after a long nigh of moving several pots with wheel barrel!). Do horses eat the shit and should I go remove them tonight? Or can I let my babies flower peacefully?

  2. Damn dude did you ever just fuck up... They are in pots, those horses will see those pots and come lookin' for feed. If you know anything at all about horses they will eat bark of a fucking tree with a field full of grass and only one tree in the whole field. I would get them the hell out of there ASAP. At least get them where the horses can't reach them...
  3. But well-rotted horse shit makes a great fert to mix in with your compost.
  4. You're damn right you should move them. Horses and cows are the worst.
  5. Ok guys,

    That's pretty much what I suspected but after a night of moving trash cans and hauling water , I was exhausted (good work out by the way), the sun was starting to show so I didn't have any time left! Anyway, everything back in order now, brand new location found for my last trash can, hehehe!

    And you were right, Hillbillybudman, I went back after a few hours yesterday and the horses were around the mj, like, oh thanks this guy brought us food. But I was lucky they didn't touch it, they probably thought it was bush herb at first when I, of course, ;), only grow the real shit! Now I just need to wait and let the magic operate.

    Pictures will be up in a bit. Thanks!

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