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  1. I became a huge fan of the sport around 4 years ago when my friend took me on a trip to Saratoga, New York. I was taught there how to read a horse program and everything else. I was at saratoga race course where they have the longest running stakes race in america, even longer then the tripple crown.. its called the travers, and i've been there the last 4 years every august. Its an amazing place... the atmosphere, the excitement, winning money(or losing) and of course.. all the alchohol people drink!

    To reserve a good table at the track on travers, you gotta get there at like 5 am. and run when they open the gates.. its a mad house. thouuuuuuuusands of people.

    horse racing isn't dead people. yeah maybe its a sport for the rich but you dont have to be rich to enjoy it, thats for damn sure. :smoking:

    I was wondering if there is any other horse racing fans on this site?
    and whatchu think about the belmont?
    I'm confident in Mine That Bird, 1st in the derby, 2nd in the preakness(a little longer of a race and he would of won it.) Thats why he's gonna fit real good in the belmont, being the longest leg at 1 1\2 miles..

    give me some input people!
  2. Of course I'm a fan of horse racing.

    Belmont is an amazing place, but you should definitely make it down to my neck of the woods at some point if you really want to get a feel for horse racing. Keeneland's spring and fall meets can't be matched. Churchill is king, but Keeneland is a much more enjoyable atmosphere. It's like someone built an English racecourse in the middle of a bluegrass meadow.
  3. I definatly hit up keeneland.. I dont know if I'll ever get down there to see races but I know I will be in saratoga come august... thats where the money and the jockeys will be! upstate newyork.

    finally 1 person is a fan.. i've gotten a bunch of views no replies..
    I guess they dont know what its all about uh?
  4. You're right about the money being in other states. Our state legislators still haven't gotten their heads out of their asses for long enough to pass expanded gaming legislation. Right now, race tracks in just about every state bordering my own offer slot machines at tracks, and they use the proceeds to increase purses, which means that the people who actually work in the horse industry make more money. We're in the process of forcing families who have lived here for decades because they're connected to the horse industry to move to other states just to make ends meet.

    Obviously, I don't know you, but let me know if you're ever thinking about coming down for racing. Keeneland is heaven on so many different levels.
  5. You seem like you have some good knowledge on horse racing.. hit me up in a PM sometime. My friend and I have always dreamed about going down there for the kentucky derby one day.. see em run for the roses!

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