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Horrific Shit

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weedzilla420, Apr 5, 2004.

  1. last nite really wuz great. me and my bud buddy drove out to the boondocks of our county and smoked up some skunk ass shit. after driving around high we finally found this old abandoned house that i understand has been there since the civil war. it is also rumored to be haunted. i didn't know what to believe. me and my friend decided to pull around behind it to see what we could see (keep in mind it's like 2 am and we're out in the middle of no where; seriously no other houses or neighborhoods or people were around for like 5 miles or so). so we pull the car around behind the house and get out to enter the house. we were able to force a back door open and we walk into this center main room of this place (it's 2 stories tall with a basement). we were stoned as fuck and that is the only reason that we did this. we definitely would not have had the balls to do this sober. looking back on it i don't know where our courage came from. ok...once we were in the center main room, we found the door that door that led to the basement. it wuz so creepy in this house. when we opened the door and started down the stairs we both swore we heard something that sounded like a voice! it wuz completely dark inside and the only lite we had wuz one keychain flashlite, which wasn't very much lite. when we both thought we heard this voice i wuz so scared that I dropped the goddamn lite and it fell down the staircase! we both see where the lite is at the bottom of the stairs and i'm like "dude lets get the lite and get the fuck out of hear!" and he's all like "yeah!". so we both quickly walk down this flimsy staircase and when we get the the bottom i pick up the light. what happened next is what freaked me out the most. after i picked up the light i'm like "ok, lets go!" and soon as i said that we both heard unintelligible wispering coming from part of the basement! we both ran like fucking lightening up that stair case and got the fuck out of that house, got in the car and sped away with the pedal to the floor. we have decided that next weekend, we are going to get all the friends we can together along and go back to this house and take a ouiji board with us. we are going to conduct a seance in the house and see what happens.
  2. hey man one word of advice dont fuck with that crap, no im not worried about ghost or ne thing like that u do know those places r where all the hobos or train hoppers hang out? many a person has gotten curious wanderd into a house never to come out again.....
  3. Nah dont start messin with those ouiji boards, there's really no need, you sound scared shitless then, so what's goin happen when you go back messin with ouiji boards lol
    Like you say you're 5 miles from houses etc, so if summat goes bad, get injured or summat....
  4. rofl. that sounds like good times man. definitly try it and post your experience here.
  5. dont do it man i had this same thing happen to me only one of my friends got really badly hurt by somethin we have no clue what but he got a really horrible slash on his leg and his pants didnt get ripped and it was like on his thigh so if it had been a person with a knife his pants would have been cut open but they werent he said he just felt a very sharp blade slash at his thigh and we ran our asses off then when we got home his leg was bleeding really badly but his pants werent torn at all man that was creepy as hell im never going back to that house again
  6. I could just about bet money that the whispering was just a bum trying to get you guys out of his fucking house. how cool would it be for a bum just to live in a haunted house and scare the shit outta people all day. I think I found my niche....
  7. wow you guys got some balls fo real.. I would never be able to do that ESPECIALLY when im stoned...
  8. I say go for it. Has anyone heard of Ed Gein. He was a freaky killer from northren WI during the 1940s. he would like dance around in human skin during full moons. Anyway our family owns hunting land right next to his old land! On our land is this run down old house that looks exactly like the one in Blair Witch. On the back to there is a message carved in the door "God will kill all sinners" Some day when i build up some courage i'm going inside the house.
  9. piss on any graves that may be nearby and deficate on the floor and rub it all over the walls.
  10. Yeah, there's no such thing as an "abandoned house" where I live. There's squatters and hobos all over the place.
  11. bring a high powered flashlight, and just incase of violent disgruntled hobos bring a baseball bat and or a knife.... ya know, scare em off... hell i think a bottle of vodka would make the guys day and he'd be cool with you guys chillin there lol
  12. Im gonna tell you a little story about a man named Ed... Who used to sleep and dance with the dead...




    haha, figures that songs on while I was reading this thread(dead skin mask off the slayer live cd)
  13. Imagine being crazy. Im not talking a little crazy. I mean fucking insane. So insane you dont care about anything, ever. Nothing ever matters to you, you have no emotion, you are just insane. Your entire life is consumed by your insanity. Youre so fucking insane you dont even try to hide it. You just are insane. Always violent, but never mad. Always smiling, but never happy. Just fucking crazy. The only friends you have, are dead. I dont mean your friends died. I mean you killed them, now theyre your friends. You are there, with dead people, and think nothing of it. Talk to them, like they can hear you. If someone were to come to your house, you wouldnt cover the body. You would invite them in, let them see whats going on, and then make them too your friend. Imagine being so fucking horrible, God himself rejects you and forbids you from his place.

    It would suck to be crazy.
  14. namynam...ever thought about writing horror novels?
  15. no i hate writing. i suck at it. i never can come up with anything.
  16. I wouldn't fuck around with that shit if I were you. Personally, I don't believe this but fuck, if I'm wrong it'd be good to know eh? So here's the deal, with an ouija board, you aren't talking to dead spirits, harmless ghosts. You're talking to demons. And if you don't know how to close the board right, the demon can do whatever it wants to do to you. Now, take that one guy who said his friend got his leg sliced open. I heard another person tell a story about a boy who used an ouija board and then fell asleep. That night he dreamed about a demon that scratched him all over and then grabbed him by his ankles and shook him around. Apparently the next day he was covered with claw marks all over his body and there were red hands outlined in burns on his ankles. Freaky shit, and yes farfetched, I don't believe it personally, but what if I'm wrong huh? Yeah... not good.
  17. i like hobos...there cool
  18. Don't mess with that sheet man.....b-b-bad luck
  19. i'm insane, come to my house, we can have tea and eat cookies while the cats are cooking on the barbecue. When we're done eating the cats, we can eat your face as desert and then take a bath in fresh blood. How about that?

    i bet you'd like to see my room too, my walls are covered in human flesh and animal bones. I felt like i needed to know more about my family and origins, so i went to the graveyard and dug up all my relatives, that way i never feel alone!

    anyways i g2g i feel like cutting myself :)

  20. we have a haunted factory in my city.....its like 4 stories, and its said a girl was raped and murdered on the top floor and u can hear her voice....

    but ay'ways, u gonna bring a ouiji board wit u???
    i would not even be close to do that......that type of shit freaks me out.....

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