Horrible yellow plant.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by InfamousTree, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. I think my plant thinks its dieing i got 2 wks left what should i do. 1498595529586.jpg
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  2. That's the normal progression of the plant during the flower cycle. It's using the sugars stored in the leaves to create energy to finish out the buds....pretty much cannibalizing itself. But nothing is wrong. By the time it's actually ready to pull, it's supposed to look like "bud on a stick." LOL Nice plants, nice buds. Looks like you have a good bit of stretch with them though. Next time, keep light and plant closer together. If you have to hang the light high to cover all your plants, you're running too many plants under that light. But keeping the plant and light close together allows for better light penetration for each plant and allows the inner part of the plant to develop out instead of only the tops and prevents the tops from stretching a bunch. You always get some stretch when they go into flower, but keeping light and plant close limits it and gets you best weight at harvest time. Good job for a first run though! TWW
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  3. I had some monster i stick to the edges they r light hogs 1498596175088.jpg
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  4. Nice bud

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  5. Thx bro
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