Horrible time right now

Discussion in 'General' started by xLoneWolfx, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. In the hospital for a broken elbow. Been having panic attacks all morning for some reason. Haven't had them in a year. Had one while she took my blood pressure and pulse. Now waiting for the Dr. I feel like I'm losing my mind guys
  2. She told me my pulse was rly high and thats not good but it was bcuz u was having a fucking panic attack while she took it
  3. Relax .
    Take care tho
  4. Dude me too the day i get over strep i think i royally fucked up my ankle im in so much pain right now dude.
    Are you the one who made the other elbow thread?
  5. It's alright man, the hospital is a normal place to lose your mind. You'll be outta there soon and you can go home and smoke a bowl and relax.
  6. Yeah I'm the guy with the other thread. I just got my xrays done.. Now waiting to see what they say. Nervous..
  7. Youll be fine man, honestly i can tell you some pretty gnarly hospital stories, theyll just patch you up and youll be on your way man!:)
  8. Wow... They said the xrays came back negative.. No fractures. Wtf?
  9. How did you break your elbow?

    Get well soon btw!
  10. Go to the doctors they actually care and have the time to look at xrays theyre just trying to take your money and get you to leave lol
  11. So you think he was bull shitting me?
  12. Maybe, ive been false - diagnosed at a hospital
  13. He said the radiologist will look at them later too so he told me if I want to can call and double check with him.
  14. How many xrays
  15. Three
  16. See a specialist GPs are idiots.
  17. I think I'll call back tomorrow and tell them I'd like the radiologist to look at them and call me. They didn't give me a copy of the X rays :-\ morons..
  18. You have to ask for copies bro. And yeah. Or go to your doctors. Hospitals suck man.
  19. [quote name='"The3amJunkie"']See a specialist GPs are idiots.[/quote]

    This is the truth..
    How's he elbow, are you in pain?

    Id tell doc quit dickin around and gimme a shot lol
  20. take a cpl deep breathes man relax

    if u dont think bout it slowly goes away those things suck so bad

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