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  1. First of all let me start off to say that this story is completely unfair and involves my brother.
    One day my brother was driving to work at 7 ish almost 8 in the morning. He was actually driving normal this time, he has a record for speeding. Well back to the story, a trucker had cut off my brother so like anyone else he was pissed. Early in the morning and had to make a 2 hour drive to work does not mix well. So he went to pass the trucker (on highway) and he saw blue lights behind him.
    Like anyone would he pulled over. Seems that the cop got a 911 call about someone driving wreckless and they thought it was him since he was on the truckers ass that just cut him off.
    The cop did the usual, license and stuff, then went to give him a ticket and his license back when he said, the famous line, 'Do I smell some marijuana??'. My brother said no sir and the cop said, can I search your vehicle and my brother said no. The cop being the dick that he was said well you are under arrest so now I can search your truck.
    Put my brother in the back of the cop car and searched his vehicle and found enough to roll a joint maybe two.
    My brother had never smoked in his vehicle and was just bringing some for his buddy at work.
    He had to go through his truck being impounded (not to meantion that they did not take his rolling tray which had 3 or 4 rouches in it, leaving it in the truck), he's fiance had to drive 2 hours to pick him up and they said that they have to throw him in the jail since he is staying longer than an hour. So he had to be bailed, pay for his truck, miss a day of work and many more to come for all his court appearances.
    Not only did he lose a much money but now he has to serve probation and not smoke for 2 weeks of every month. Trust me he needs it, he has a anger problem and that is the only thing that keeps him calm and productional.

    Must add this in at the last of it. He was talking with the officer that pulled him over when he was booking him in. (Officer happened to be chewing tobacco) My brother told him that what he is chewing grows from the same ground as which marijuana comes from and is not so harmful or more harmful then what the officer was doing. And the officer agreed!!

    So for enough of two joints, my brother faced DUI and having his license taken away. Lucky he made it through all these ridicolous laws and only has probation for the time being.
  2. Another prime example of why we need to unite to FREE THE HERB!!
    Hope your Bro gets through these dark times with no further trouble!!! :smoking: :hippie:
  3. wow, that cop sounds like a dick, my sympathy goes to him
  4. I know that the cop is just doing his job but it does sound like he was enjoying what he did just a litle too much. I think that what happened there was totaly shitty. It is just another reason pot should be legal.
  5. err stuff like that makes me mad. We have to legalize.

    Our jail\court systems are waisting farr too much time\money on non-violent marijuana users. What is it that makes people so afraid of pot?
  6. on what grounds was he arrested?
  7. Where or what was his charges??
  8. What state are you in?! In California, a minor posession like that would warrant no more than a ticket, and an approx $200 fine.
    I agree, this is definitely a HORRIBLE STORY. Best wishes to your brother, probation's a bitch.
  9. From Georgia
  10. How long is his probation?
  11. 2 years but somehow managed to shove it into one, making them consecutive.
  12. i haved been fucked for Arson. but the judge moved it to a misdeamenear, he said "you look innocent".... thank god.
  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, why did you bring up this old fuckin topic to post something that has nothing to do with any of the original posts?
  14. propaganda, manipulation, brainwashing, fear in media/news
  15. god fuck cops there all so gay.
  16. I live in the smallest town in mass and they dont even search you at all, but at my school they search everyone and if you have the SMALLEST amount on you they charge you big ass, but if your off school grounds chances are the cops will write you a cheap ticket and say dont do it again.
  17. thats fucked up! who envented cops stupid mother fuckers

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