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Horrible sensation when smoking my bong.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The innovator, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. I've had this bong for about a year and for about a year I've been experiencing this issue. My bong (one of a few) is all glass and about a foot and a half tall. The downstem is perked and in the other chamber there is the shower head device. I hope y'all understand what I'm saying. Anyways, when I hit the bong, my upper chest just dies. I don't cough or anything, but I can feel a very uncomfortable sensation (pressure) in my upper chest/ lower throat. I call this the "green spot." Because of this feeling I've stopped smoking the bong, it's THAT bad. I literally have to close my eyes and slap myself to get over the pain. I've tried with ice water, hot water and whatever. I don't take insanely huge hits either, just big ones. Has anybody else experienced something similar?

  2. Only when I bonged raw marlboro cig tobacco.
  3. I had this from 1 strain. When i bought new strain the pain was gone

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  4. Gross .. Lose a bet? 
  5. Maybe i get that if i take an enourmous milky golden hit with no water in it lol. Try a different stain and if that doesnt work maybe take a break for a while....

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    is it like when you take a sip from a freshly opened beer or soda and the carbonation gets stuck?  that shit hurts and happens to me all the time.  I'd say every other time my first sip from the first beer of the night usually does that to me.
    and do you milk it, take a breath then hit it or do it all in one?  might wanna try sort of feathering the bowl piece in and out of the stem while milking it up.
  7. Do you clean your bong, I find that has a huge impact on your hit.
  8. Every time I hit my bong I lose control of my bowels and soil myself.
  9. Lol jk yea don't breath to heavy and take your time. If you have to stop midway and put your hand on top.

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