HORRIBLE nausea everymorning

Discussion in 'General' started by antoniown, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Ok lately ive been having nausea every morning. It happens when i smoke at night and pass out high. Sometimes it wakes me up but it comes and goes its pretty annoying. Also it goes away once i smoke in the morning but i feel like yacking until i smoke wtf could it be?
  2. Preggers.
  3. Congrats on the baby!
  4. Could have to do with your stomach acids.

    Try keeping water near your bed and the second you wake up just chug that shit and it might make you feel better. If that doesnt work just take a bong hit.
  5. ^ Yeah dude the water method works wonders, but drink it before bed as well and during the night if you wake.
  6. Do you eat late at night? That used to be my problem..
  7. And what you eat at night, can contribute to it. If you eat sugary stuff, you can "sugar crash" in your sleep and wake up with the tail-end of it. :(
  8. It could very easily be from getting the munchies and eating a whole bunch of food before bed. Used to make me sick in the morning.
  9. No i dont eat a lot before bed i know what ur talking about though i used to feel sick when i ate a lot but it could be my stomach i guess its been twitching pretty bad recently

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