Horrible Morning

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  1. So after a long night of drinking last night, i woke up around 8 to give my friend i ride to his house on my four-wheeler (YFZ450 Yamaha) and i always cut through the woods, so i get to his house drop him off, half way on my way back my four-wheeler stalls

    so i try starting it up again and the fucking battery was dead, the one time i didnt bring my fucking cell phone, i had to hid my four-wheeler then run to my friends house which was like 3 miles away, i needed to get there before he went to his brother graduation, finally get there in time i could barley fucking breathe from running so hard, called up my dad, he scoops me up and we go pick up my four-wheeler, Thank god no one stole it

    Just a really unexpected morning for me, worst of all i had 3 of my other friends at my house probbly thinking i swagged them or something, i couldnt call them since i didnt have my phone and dont remember numbers
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    Wow man, gotta hate those morning afters. Theres a law of nature that states: "with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." I think this is also the case in weekends, however awesome a night is the next morning is going to suck equally but opposite. If that makes sense :smoking:
  3. Damn man, that sucks. At least you still have your four-wheeler.
  4. The real question:

    Where do you live that you're driving long distances on a four-wheeler?
  5. +rep for that run haha. damn you should go enjoy some ganj :smoking:
  6. def had mornings like that before. Its like the night went to good to be true and then the next morning all hell breaks lose!
  7. nice quad, and your lucky you can ride around like that on your quad. one i rode my dirtbike down the street to serve up a sack.... now that was funny
  8. Murphys law states that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Ever wondered why you always lose that last bit of smoe?:smoking:
  9. dude that sucks .

    Just smoke a bowl and eveerything will be better :p
  10. it sucked, and the rest of the day was even worse

    So first of all i was chilling with my two friends matt and andy, we were chillin in my neighbor's driveway hitting the bong and drinking some captains 100 proof, i had permisson from my neighbor to chill in his driveway (since he only comes down on the weekends he dont care if i blaze there)

    So we a fucking moped roll up behind us, this guy hops off i open the door and say
    "Is there a problem" hes like i always see you guys here you guys are suspicious (i had a bong in between my legs and a bottle right near me) after he harasses us for a good 10 mins i get him to leave, and so do we

    So we go down to this town beach to chill, we parked my friends car and went in a path to blaze, then we see a cop pull up right infront of the path, so me and my friends dipped into the woods, and hid all our shit, and sat there for like 30 mins

    My friend got a restricted call on his phone, he didnt answer, then his mom calls him and tells him the cops want him to move his car out of the parking lot, so my friend went to move his car, and my and my other friend were just hiding from the cop and were gonna meet up with my buddy later

    so we come out of the hiding spot and i see the cop driveby then stop and back up, so we just ran through the cranberry bogs, and got away, was so sketchy, my buzz was killed about 4 times that night

    i went back successfully got my weed, bottle, and half a blunt with no problem :D
  11. damn you have some bad luck
  12. be more careful man you dont want to catch a charge. also yeah where the fuck do you live that you can ride around on a atv for miles but the beach is nearby? sounds like a chill place.
  13. i live on capecod in massachusetts, theres alot of places to ride but its illegal, the military base is probbly the best
  14. My car's battery was dead this morning. Sucks.
  15. yeh i think my battery is permantly fried or something charged it for 2 days straight still wont work

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