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Discussion in 'General' started by confusedman, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. so i havent been able to smoke in about 5 months and it's really starting to get to me. i had the idea that i want to share your guy's high... so tell me what you love about smoking, even just to remind yourself. thanks! :rolleyes:
  2. well im very very stoned rite now and its 3 30 am where i am. LOL i feel dreamy... WHOAAAA XD
  3. damnn its 330 here too you are a lucky son of a gun aha. stay high :smoke:
  4. I just took 2 bong loads over the course of 30 minutes, i'm thirsty but i'm feeling lit feelin light.
    I was debating on loading another bowl, but I will load one for you good sir.

    I just love the feelin I get, how everything that is stressful or doesn't matter just melt away and being able to bond with yourself or whoever you're with.
    And the food!
  5. yes hit that shit like its your job :bongin::bongin: i agree the food is just unreal. what ya snackin on?
  6. lol i had a bad case of muncies tonite i had chinese food, 2 toasted peanut butter sandwhiches, mad toast with butter and olive oil, pasta, egg omelet, baked potatoe, milk, a lil bit of red wine (like a quarter of a glass), and green tea to help ease and digest it. and a lot of water. Then more weed. Now im just high chillin on laptop 4 am waitin till i pass out and hav some trippy yet meaninful dreams. Im already sorta dreamin rite now. it feels good.

  7. Dream bro cuz when u wake up your gona be feeling the only drawbacks from pot ive found.

    early morning constipation and pain. but fuck it was worth it right :hello:
  8. no i always just shit maaaad the next mornin it feels soo goooooood. Like a couple times too hahaha

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