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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by habitualtoker, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. so i was toking up last night and it was awesome at first but it took a wrong turn somewhere and it ended up being my worst high ever. i was alone, and all of a sudden i could visualize my family in a type of intervention setting. and i tried really hard to focus on something else, but i could hear them telling me to stop smoking weed. especially since i have two little nephews in the house. i tried ignoring it but it was literally impossible. it was a scary experience because it felt so real and lucid. like in the sense that i could almost argue back, like they could hear me. i dunno maybe it was the weed or i dunno, im gonna take a break from pot for a while. the weirdest part of it all is that i woke up and they were all in the room next to mine, when it's empty 99.9% of the time. sounds farfetched but maybe we communicated last night and theyre waiting for me to get up to discuss everything? we'll see
  2. youre just being a vagina
  3. When I used I get high (yea..I am on a 1 year break so far) I would feel some sort of connection, like an open thought/telepathy/voice communication thing going on between almost anybody that I was "close" to. It would just creep up on me and I'd start talking and I'd be like SHIT and I'd say shit that would make them pissed or something..

    Well after a while I learned how to shut them up by telling myself "When I do this movement with my hand, all my communication will stop until I want it to be open again", and then I opened my palm and made it into a fist two times. This is called anchoring, its from NLP psychotherapy. It uses associations to change behaviors and thoughts and emotions and state of mind.

    So try that next time it happens.
  4. that's really helpful man, i kinda get you on the whole connection thing, i've felt that way even before i started smoking. based on your experiences how do you feel on all that telepathy stuff how do you know it's real? cause so far i've had an episode where i successfully, and accidentally, achieved latent telepathy with a close friend, and he confirmed it, but most of the time i debate on whether what i experienced, such as with last night's high, is real or not? catch my drift?
  5. damn you must get some kickass weed out in california i wish i had shit that did that
  6. No bullshit I stopped smoking as a teen from shit like this. I used to either A fall a sleep or B go into panic mode with enough weed in my system.

    But now that I'm grown, married and have stability in my life, thx to God, I can smoke all I want and not have a worry in the world.
  7. I could never tell..it wasn't like i was gonna ask them the next day because anything i talked about was always like important relationship stuff and stuff I didn't want to share. I really did feel like i noticed change in the demeanor and how we'd greet eachother dependent upon the conversation i had with them "telepathically" but who knows...

    lol idk man id blow it off like it was bullshit but i heard so many stories about telepathy ya know
  8. 'Cause that got us considerably closer to a solution or valid comment.
  9. yeah i kind of came to the conclusion that if i were happy by my own definition, then i would be able to enjoy weed like any other person, though i wonder if i'll even want to smoke, having known "true happiness".

    yeah, well if it was real then i'm fucked, cause i said i'd stop. we'll see, like i said to blazeholiday, maybe once im "happy" er satisfied, then i can enjoy it.
  10. Wish I had weed that did that to me.

    Your just thinking of it in the worst possible way. You should look at it as a mind enhancing experience and stop freaking out over what it was about. Obviously, you were just visualizing things that weren't really there, no different than day dreaming except you let your mind go somewhere you didn't want it to... not the pot, just maybe your mood that day? Had you been feeling guilty about something?

    Any of those things could have triggered it.
  11. i know i haven't hallucinated off weed in so long time i would be like hell yeah i'm having telepathic communications with people damn now thats hella weed i gots to get my ass to california and get some of that sheeet
  12. yeah i was feeling kind of depressed.

    haha High Times called CA weed the best in the nation...though i personally havent tried weed from other states.

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