horrible friday with 3 good parts

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Sep 30, 2007.

  1. ok, so all week i was tryin to chill wit this fine ass girl n shit kept comin up n i never got to until yesterday.. so i pick her up n i'm supposed to take her to her dads house to get money n shit and go to the cricket store so she could buy a cell phone. n right when we're right by her dads house i see this hill that goes flat across train tracks and down a hill again n i'm like fuck yea, dukes of hazzard baby! so i fuckin skied this bitch prolly caught like 3-4 feet of hair n came down on my front, then i push the gas and my car just revs, its in drive, but i'm not goin anywhere, so i try reverse n it works, n i shift back into drive and it starts goin so i'm like "thank god"

    get to her dads house, it stops workin again, but dont work no matter what i do now and only goes in reverse, and i'm like 50 miles away from my house and triple A tells me i get 3 miles free, then 3 dollars for every mile after that so i'm like "fuuuuuuuuuuuuccck"

    she told me her dad sells oxy's but doesnt fuck with new people, so i'm jus sittin there outside talkin to him and his neighbor and i hear him mention somethin about pills n i say "what kinda pills you got?" n he tells me percocet n i'm like "what about oxy?" n he said he got those too, so i buy 3 20's off him and i snort em and the towtruck driver happens to be a friend of his n he ends up puttin it on his triple A cuz he's covered up to 100 miles, so i got a free tow

    but this girl rides back wit me in the toe truck, calls someone, n bails out on me, so i felt like a big fuckin loser, considerin i actually like this chic, n i dont get feelins for girls to often

    n then i had someone pick me up, drop me off at the tattoo shop, n i got some new ink, check it out

    says ave satanas, the T looks kinda like a C though, 100 bucks,

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  2. Sounds like you have an interesting Friday...

    I'm not too fond of the tattoo, the lettering is just way too common. But, It is on YOUR body, not mine. Hope you take care of it dude.

    How's the car?
  3. hey you, heh funny on Thurs I was really getting close to getting a tat as well, nothign huge like yours, but he shit happens. Sucks about the girl, and your car, hope it gets better tho.
  4. i dont see how the lettering is really common, its not a font she typed up or nothin, she drew it by hand so its rather origional

    i like it, n thats all i really care about

    n the car is still at the shop, hasnt been looked at yet
  5. yeah if you can afford it get a better triple a plan it was so worth it when i got stranded 60 miles away. on another note, sweet ink.

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