Horrible F1 Accident [pic]

Discussion in 'General' started by WL-Jeff, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. it was a bad one...

    Maybe he lost Ctrl :hello::smoke::hello:
  2. lol gave me a good laugh
  3. hahahahaha nice
  4. eh i've seen worse.

  5. haha im baked. my g/f just sprayed coke out of her nose all over my monitor++rep for that. :smoke:
  6. ^ haha... thats even better then the pic itself..

    thx for the rep
  7. is it bad that when I read the title of the thread I assumed it was talking about the key F1?
  8. hhaa. thanks for the laugh:smoke:
  9. that was the funniest thing i have ever seen. well not really. but it was funny
  10. that was surprising and funny. The title of the thread had me thinking it was like... some kind of bomber plane or some shit. B2 Bomber... F1 bomber? Cmon... it could happen.

    +rep for making me laugh though, dude.
  11. Ha, That was a goodin'.
    Wasn't cheesy, and was actually funny.

    I was thinking F-1 Indy Cars or something.
  12. aight im blazed so ill give it to ya i gave me a lil chuckle

  13. Thats what I assumed too. Im a nerd.
  14. Lol, cute.
    +rep for that
    Btw, I lost. :(!!
  15. damn you PO!!!!

    +rep brah you def made the person on the phone with me mad...they were talking about a really serious subject (between her and i) and i just busted out laughing
  16. I saw a F1 Car crash on uselessjunk.com (cant find the link)

    And the car hit a guy and it literally sliced him in half. It was sick.

  17. Boooo!!!! [i saw that in the most benevolent way possible :) ]
  18. that poor bastard i hope he made it out alive

    i lost....

  20. haha i lost...

    that was hilarious,hahah, good pic.

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