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    Let me start out by saying that I'm the kind of smoker who likes to smoke alone, and get high alone. It's always been that way, I love the peace and quiet. This happened last weekend, and completely reinforced my urge to never smoke in a place that I'm not comfortable:

    My friend got some real good shit from his boss, and wanted to smoke it with me. I said sure, sounds like a good time (I've known him for a few years). I invited him to my house, but he said he wanted to smoke in this place he found in the woods. I asked where this place was, and he said behind the lake. I immediately was reluctant, because a guy killed himself in these woods a few years ago, and I didn't want any bad vibes. But I agreed, with the thought it wouldn't take long at all.

    I picked him and another friend up, and it was about 8pm. I parked my truck at the lake and I followed my buddies in the woods. It was pitch black, and there were bugs everywhere. I hated it already. The walk was about 15 minutes, and we arrived at this creepy stone circle in the middle of the woods. This is where things got sketchy.

    I decided I wasn't going to smoke with them, as I was feeling really uneasy. They said that's fine, and they started lighting up with my pipe. Before they could even take a hit, a helicopter flew over us. Then police sirens in all directions. I said we're getting the hell out of here and began running through the woods. Then my heart sank: dogs barking. I was convinced I was going to jail. We're running through these woods and we hear something behind us. I turn around and see a fucking armadillo staring at us. Scared the shit out of me! Police sirens were still within hearing distance, and we finally made it to my truck.

    I dropped their asses off at their houses and went home to smoke away the horror on my porch, where I feel safe and secure. Turns out the dogs barking were just some dogs that lived in a nearby house, and the sirens were going to a car accident on the freeway. Never found out about the helicopter. But still, scary stuff when you're in the middle of the woods at night.

    Oh, and I probably should say that I wasn't worried about the marijuana, I was convinced I was going to be arrested as a suspect for some robbery, or some shit haha
  2. Lol you thought you had the DEA on you when you were smoking 1 bowl out in the woods, and you weren't even stoned? Smoking alone definitely sounds like it's your thing man :p
  3. LOL, OP had mad paranoia. The cops will never do anything like that over marijuana.
  4. Hahahahahahahahahahaha why so paranoid? Chill the fuck out hahahahahahahahahaha
  5. Yeah, deep down I was aware of this. But I've been smoking for years and I've always just liked to be alone or with friends in a safe environment, definitely not where I was haha
  6. Yea I can get where your coming from. If your out smoking in public and hear sirens dogs and see a helicopter.. Id run for my life, probably shit my pants too.
  7. Everyone that's replying to this thread is the DEA OP.
  8. hahaha fuckn hilarious. but im like that too sometimes..i can get over paranoid, n i feel all uneasy and like i need to shit or somthing. its just nerves. i smoked in a spot near the shops once in the middle of some tall grass were people smoke, *a log and a chopping bowlawas there* Mid bong rip the tall grass starts russling and its moving and its comin towards us..it went past us slowly but i never found out what the fuck it was lol
  9. wait did you say you saw an armadillo in the middle of the woods??
    hahhaahahahahhaa that would freak me out so fucking bad
  10. lol.......................................

  11. Yes, and it almost made me shit my pants. I've seen armadillos in the creek behind my place before though. My friend said later that he almost pulled his knife on it hahaha
  12. [quote name='"CaressaRosee"']Everyone that's replying to this thread is the DEA OP.[/quote]

    your position in the D.E.A. will be terminated right away for ruin the bust of the century.
  13. Hey man I can see where your coming from... you just don't want to get caught up with the police even if they initially think your the suspect they're looking for. Happened to me once a while back. Don't mean to hijack but its sort of related... I was driving home on a really nice dusk night in my black 1987 iroc-z and pulled up to a set of lights. I was the only vehicle stopped going my direction. I remember playing around with the radio waiting for a green light when all of a sudden 2 police cars pulled up on me from somewhere behind. No sirens just lights, which took me by surprise when I looked up. One cruiser pulled in front of my car and the other right up behind my car. I was sketching out a little because I had a half ounce in my rear hatch, but it was hidden pretty well... at this point my mind was racing to think if I had done anything seriously illegal recently! As soon as the 2 officers in the front car got out they had their pistols drawn but pointed at the ground as they stood by they're car and told me how to exit the car. After I got out and they put me in hand cuffs and asked me all about where I got the vehicle etc, I told them that I had just come from work and there was a misunderstanding. My licence and registration was clipped to my sun-visor and they took that back to the cruiser. I stood by my car with 2 officers while the 3rd was in his car working away... 15 minutes later he came back and removed the cuffs. They apologized for the inconvenience and told me that it would be best to stay off the roads that night/ report any other similar black vehicles. They were nice about the whole situation, but stern and kind of scared me with the guns. Im glad they didn't want to search my car and that my licence/registration was easy to grab without them searching around for it. I went home and smoked more then usual that night :smoke:
  14. I'd feel like I'm in a movie in that situation

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