Horrible Experience While High.

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    Ok so me and a couple buddies were smoking. First we split a blunt between the 4 of us then hit some different weed from a piece. So I was fine, extremely high, but fine. I stood up to go inside for a second, and sat down, was extremely high, but was OK. Then I got up to look inside for something, and that's when it started.

    1. I was on an empty stomach. Hadn't eaten since the night before besides a little bit of cereal(not milk) and like 3 tater tots and it was about 2:00 PM when this happened.
    2. There was nicotine from the blunt, so a nictonine/weed high I also had.
    3. I stood up pretty quickly, I noticed it came when I stood up for the 2nd time, so hypotension maybe too.
    4. I was tired as fuck. I've gotten about 5 hours of sleep per night or less for the past 4 nights.

    Ok, so at first it felt like I was caught in a moment. It was like the second before would keep replaying in my head, and I would forget what was going on, till I snapped out of it, then got back in as soon as I snapped out. Like a thought loop. As if I was waving into the previous moment/thought or whatever. Very hard to explain. I started walking around trying to get out of it, and I almost fainted. I started to black out, was walking into things, my friends came in and where like WTF is going on. I sat down and my heart rate and breathing seemed very fast and uncontrollable. It was like everything was going in waves, in that i was caught up in this rhythm in my head of a wave/rhythm thing, and I kept feeling like I was caught in a moment and would never escape it. I was shaking horribly. I was having shooting convulsions/pain in my arms and legs throughout the time. More like convulsions, as they didn't really hurt. I could barely stand. Im thinking it might have been a panic attack but more serious.

    Anyone have anything like this. I seriously think this has put me off weed forever - I may never do it again. Ive smoked several times before, even more amounts, and nothing like this has happened. Only positive experiences.

  2. You just OD'ed on some dank ass weed. Simple as that, you just got way to high for your tastes. Next time make sure you don't do all those things that you did last time like not eating.
  3. get more sleep.
  4. Lol... I had detention once which I normally just skipped but I was gunna get in mad shit if I cut, so I went to it really blazed. I was like 5 mins late cause I reeked of buds and had to run back to my car to get cologne and a fresh tee shirt to shake the smell.

    When I got back I thought he asked me where I went so I explained I had to run to my car for something. After a 1 min explanation from me he was like no, whats your name??.... I was like oh... *Smokeitdown*

    Then he kept looking at me the whole time and I started bugging out and just like blacked out and fell asleep on the desk. All I remember is waking up when detention was over 2 hours later.
  5. do you smoke cigarettes? if you dont then it was probably the nicotine combo, i smoked a Jay with some tobacco in it before i really ever smoked (cigarettes) and it felt like my brain was on fire, i just laid in bed and rode it out. probably you standing up plus nicotine n weed n little sleep just kinda fuked you up.
  6. No I don't smoke cigarettes. I have smoked tobacco from blunts and joints a couple times before, nothing like this has happened though.
  7. you probably have a really low tolerance, and just got way too high. it's happened to me before and it sucks. just smoke more often or less each sesh and you'll be fine.
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    You almost blacked out, when you are sitting down and stand up all the sudden the blood rushes away from your head and you can pass out for like 30 seconds, this happened to me like a month ago (albiet not when I was high). The fact that you hadn't eaten much food meant your blood was a little thinner than usual which makes you more prone to blacking out in this manner. Being high and nicotine buzzed and tired just amplified the experience.
  9. Don't fret, its just called being overly anxious/paranoid. I've had a couple spells just like that in my time. Been smoking for about 3 yrs. Last one was about a year and a half ago right after a decent sized tolerance break. The part that sticks out to me is the 'thought loop' part. You so perfectly right there explained exactly what was going on to me that I was never able to describe in words. But don't worry, man. I've been through the same thing. Probably was just a mild panic/anxiety attack. As you become a more experienced smoker, the chances of that happening all but reach 0%
  10. Yeah man, I've actually passed out in similar circumstances.

    Was early in the morning (7 am?), had little sleep, hadn't eaten since about 5 pm night before, smoked a bowl, smoked a cig (both while sitting), then got up to go in and I got a major headrush where my vision spotted up and I couldn't see anything.. then I guess I just passed out. Shit sucked.
  11. hmm, i seem to get similar head rushes with my vision spotting and shit when i just stand up sober. interesting.

    but on topic, just do what everyone else has said, smoke more often or less per sesh

  12. me too! haha when I get up like just from sleeping quickly because someone is at the door I loose vision for like 10 seconds but act normal haha

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