Horrible experience smoking weed. Impending doom, flashbacks, senses fucked - advice?

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  1. I know this post is long, but I'll tell you which parts you can skip. The entire post is like 2300 words but you only need to read about 1000 to get the general idea.

    This happened about 2-3 months ago. Before I get into the details I'll briefly explain the effects; (I'll get into them more in detail further down)

    -Vision got fucked, was seeing 10-fold and everything was moving back and forth. Fast.

    -Feeling of impending doom - extremely intense - almost complete disconnection from reality.

    -My senses were completely fucked. Could actually see my thoughts IN COLOR (faintly). Intense waves of "energy".

    -Flashbacks to completely random things I remember vaguely from my childhood. Like everything that had ever happened in my life was connected.

    -and a lot more.. I'll get to it later in the post - but back to the details:

    It was my first time smoking this particular strain of weed, I'd smoked hash a few times before, without any bad experiences. The strain I smoked was Mango Kush (is what my dealer told me anyways), if that matters, and I'm 98% sure it wasn't laced in any way because five of my friends have smoked the same product and they were fine.

    TLDR; If you want to read as little as possible, you can skip the next paragraph, it just explains the setting, what I smoked, how much etc.

    I meet up with my friend in town. It's 3PM. I know they say you should always be in a good setting, but I wasn't really anxious or anything so I don't think the setting played into what happened. Also I live with my parents so I couldn't do it at home (I'm 19, so not underage, chill). So we go somewhere out of sight from people and light up a j and smoke it. I didn't even smoke a lot.. probably like 0.2-0.3g, but it was pretty dank (according to friends who smoked the same stuff). After smoking we start walking to the public library. I know, it sounds like the dumbest fucking place ever to get high but it's huge with almost no people, and a lot of secluded areas. Again, I don't think the bad setting played into what happened, because I didn't really give a fuck, I was in a good mood, relaxed, not worried etc. So on the way to the library I start feeling a pretty intense wave of energy every 1-2 seconds going kinda up my spine but in the front of my body (if that makes sense, lol), as well as a tingly feeling in my body - pretty standard stuff from what I've read and heard. The effects started, I believe, 3 minutes-ish after finishing the joint. About 1 minute later we walk into the library and I tell my friend; "I'm feeling weeeird right now bruh" or something and that's the last thing I remember inside the library prior to the insane experience I'm about to describe. Literally, the approximately 5 minutes (I believe) between me walking into the library and the crazy effects setting in is completely blank.

    So here are the effects in detail, keep in mind that there's no way I can accurately describe what I felt but I'll try my best: FIRST 5-10 MINUTES (this was the most intense part - it was ABSOLUTELY. FUCKING. INSANE.)

    -Extremely intense feeling of impending doom - not only did I think I was dying but I thought I was in some kind of other dimension and I was going to stay like this forever. Living hell basically. Almost complete disconnection from reality. This (super intense, INSANE) feeling lasted for about 5 minutes until I returned gradually to reality. The first 2-3 minutes-ish I was 1000000% sure I was going to die. This feeling was made worse by the fact that I was relatively new to weed and didn't even know that it was possible. I'd never heard of things like panic attacks, paranoia, depersonalization, psychosis etc. caused by weed. I'd probably handle it better if I was a seasoned toker and had tried shrooms/LSD/DMT etc before. I think the feeling of impending doom was caused by the physical things I felt - and not necessarily by the weed itself. If that makes sense?

    -My vision got fucked. I was seeing everything 10-fold kinda. It's hard to explain but I saw everything times 10 (or more I dunno) and it was moving back and forth, really fast. I didn't hallucinate or anything, just messed up vision.

    -Flashbacks to completely random things I remember vaguely from my childhood. It was as if everything that had ever happened in my life was connected somehow. My brain would jump from one flashback to another and everything was connected. I would "see" like 20 flashbacks a second - way too fast to perceive all of them, but I noticed that they were all connected and it was as if everything finally made sense kinda... The flashbacks weren't like complete episodes from my childhood, they were more like random items and habits(?) I vaguely remember from when I was younger. Kind of like how most of your memories from the ages 3-9 are mostly small fragments, and many of the fragments are completely random, with no particular significance. The weird thing about these flashbacks were how they were expressed. I didn't just think about them. It was like they were physically expressed in my body. And I could "see" them inside of my body, as if they were a physical "energy". It's impossible to explain.. This energy occurred at physical locations throughout my body, not just in one area. I would only perceive the flashbacks related to the area that I focused my mind on, but I could feel the "energy" in my entire body. This was extremely overwhelming, and although I can't say it was physically painful, it messed my brain up and I had a kind of mental breakdown.

    -My senses were completely fucked. There was an insanely intense energy inside of my body. A million things were happening inside of my body really fast (like machine gun rate of fire fast almost). Again, this wasn't physically painful, but it messed my brain up. This is definitely the experience that's hardest to describe. For the first 5-10 minutes I only remember it being insanely intense, I can't actually describe what made it so bad..

    -The closest I've come to an explanation for my experience is that it was a panic/anxiety attack. But I'm not sure, because most people who report having a panic attack experienced physical symptoms like sweating and their heart beating super fast. I experienced neither of those symptoms, so yeah.. I don't know..

    So while what I described above was happening I was in the second or third floor of the library and I remember looking around me, pulling my hair, in complete agony, wondering if it would ever end. I fell to the ground and curled into fetal position. I tell my friend "hospital.. call ambulance" (couldn't formulate coherent sentences). Luckily, he didn't, and called his friend instead. He talks to me and tries to calm me down, and tells me to get up so I don't attract any attention. We sit down somewhere and he keeps trying to comfort me. I just sit there in my own world, hardly talking, still fucked, but sitting there for maybe 5 minutes helped tremendously. He tells me that we have to leave the library so we don't attract any attention, and at that point my brain is kinda working again so I agree.

    /========= TLDR; =========/

    If you don't feel like reading any more, you can skip to the very last paragraph. Basically, I just explain how I start feeling better after a while, but the high literally lasts 12-16 hours. We leave the library and hang out in town for the next 3 hours or something. I'm come back to myself 5-10 minutes after leaving the library, and my brain is surprisingly functional after that. I'm still a bit clouded, but I'm fine, I can think kinda clearly.

    Most of what I'd felt in the first 5-10 minutes had gone away, except my senses were still fucked, and I felt an energy inside my body. However, it was a lot less intense and I'd say it would be enjoyable in other circumstances, but since I'd basically just experienced the scariest damn thing that had ever happened to me, I was unable to enjoy it.

    "My senses were still fucked" in the sense that:

    Every sensation I felt, I didn't feel in my physical body, but in a second body, which was slightly in front of me. Also, every sensation was magnified, so everything I felt with my fingers, tongue, etc. felt amazing. I have a couple of examples:

    1. Playing with my tongue felt amazing. For example when I moved my tongue over my teeth, I didn't feel the sensation in my physical body, but it was as if it was magnified and intensified and I felt it as kind of a hologram in my "second body". Also, when I pushed my tongue against the inside of my lower lip, I felt it in my "second body", like a hologram. And it was as if I could SEE the hologram IN COLOR (very faintly). I remember it was blue and had a grid pattern. I didn't even realize I was pushing my tongue against my physical lower lip, until my tongue slipped out of my mouth and I realized I looked like a complete idiot. When I placed my tongue on my lips (which were kinda chapped), I could feel and SEE the outline of them so clearly in my "second body". This simple sensation (when sober) became super magnified and it was pretty weird. It might seem random that I'm describing this in such detail, but I felt a similar magnification (and a second body kinda thing) of every sensation. For example when I ate, drank, touched things etc. Also, I'm describing it in detail because I've never heard of anyone experiencing anything similar, so I'm wondering if any of you guys have.

    2. The "energy" I felt in my body was formless, shapeless, like watah (Bruce Lee voice, lol). But for real, it was like I could control my thoughts and feel them in my second body as well as almost kinda see them a little bit (very faintly), really hard to explain.
    So this post is getting really fucking long now, so I'm gonna wrap it up. Basically, the feelings described above continued for about 4 hours, gradually becoming less intense, until it completely disappeared at one point out of nowhere. So I take the bus back to my other friend's house and I stay there for about 4 hours. And I become a little bit high again(???). At 11-12PM I go home, take a shower and go to bed. And I'm still. fucking. high. (wtf??). I started smoking at 3PM and at this point it's 12PM. I'm not super high, but I feel the waves of energy pretty intensely. (I definitely felt these waves more intensely when I lay/sat still than when I was walking) I I stay awake until 4AM, cold sweating in bed and unable to sleep. I google things like: "Synthetic marijuana effects", "how to tell if weed is laced", "PCP effects" etc. Anyways, I wake up at about 11AM and I'm still a tiny bit high until 12AM. Not sure how that's even possible but..

    The day after I was pretty much normal, and I haven't had any problems after the episode. It hasn't affected me negatively in any way (I'm not traumatized or anything) and it hasn't induced psychosis (yet? o_O).

    A month later I tried smoking again, but only about half of what I did last time. I felt similar effects (it was horrible, but better because I knew I wasn't going to die) but considerably less intense and without the messed up vision. Also, it only lasted 4 hours.

    /===== HERE ARE MY QUESTIONS: =====/

    If you read through the whole thing, thank you. I know it's ridiculously long but even at this length, it doesn't even come close to fully describing the experience, but anyways.

    My questions are:

    -Has anyone had any similar experiences? Can anyone explain what the hell happened?

    -What should I do now? Never smoke again? Try a different strain? Wait a couple of months/years until I try again? I don't like either of those options because: 1. I don't want to never smoke again, weed is fun and better than alcohol in almost every way 2. I'd like to "conquer" this particular strain because if I don't, every time I smoke a new strain I'll be worried about experiencing this shit again 3. If I wait a long time it'll make doing it again even more scary. It's like when you fall hard on a skateboard/snowboard trick, you want to try it again ASAP unless have to go to the hospital or something.

    -Is this a sign of incoming psychosis? I don't have any family history of psychosis but I guess anyone can be predisposed? (I dunno, not sure about the science behind it). I would argue (I could be wrong) that what I experienced was NOT a psychotic episode because, from what I've read, psychotic episodes are generally characterized by paranoia, thinking people are turning against you, irrational thoughts etc. My experience was more physical, aside from losing my sense of reality for the first 10 minutes, my brain was pretty alright.
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  2. Never smoke again.

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  3. Honestly I like the "flashbacks". I remember when I was 17 I had these thoughts about
    Times where I was so shy and didn't make a move on a girl or get friendzoned or made fun of and it made me realize
    I was a pussy lol.

    Anyways OP I would recommend you to smoke a small amount and if it happens again then weed isn't for you :(

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  4. Weed is not for everyone...... Nothing is.
  5. wtf?
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    either OP is trolling or smoked some laced. tbh that sounds like you got dosed with some good Chemical X, whatever it was, you shoulda enjoyed the ride!!

    edit: OP I just read the last part. If you aren't trolling, and your bud was just that, bud.. yes, numerous drugs, most notably psychedelics and marijuana, can foreshadow or reveal underlying mental ailments, such as undiagnosed schizophrenia. Like I said, if you are telling the truth, and the herb wasn't laced.. unfortunately I would have to say you shouldn't use marijuana again. It's not worth breaking through to full blown psychosis (that could, with treatment, have a delayed or even reduced onset) just to get stoned for a couple hours.

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  7. Thank god I found this I had a similar experience a few days ago it was fucking odd. It’s been a while on this post but can you tell me what you did after? Did you smoke again? If so did the weird shit stop happening?
  8. You got really high. Stick with one tiny hit and give 5 or 10 min to see how you feel. Ganja does this to some people and some people can't smoke weed at all. It could be just that bud you got as its happened to me twice. I just told my guy that there was a problem and he replaced it with something else and it was good. Whatever you do, go easy, hit it once or twice, small hits with lots of oxygen, give it 5 or 10 and see how you feel. Nothing personal but that was a monster wall of text...
  9. OP hasn't been online since 2016 so you probably won't get a reply from them dude lol
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    Yeah I hope it was because I had too much and not that I just can not smoke it.
  11. @Aqua_ why the disagree lol check OPs profile they haven't been online since 2016..

    Edit: my bad lmaooo
  12. What?
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  13. Oh didn’t mean to lmao
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  14. Oh shit my bad dude lmaooo I thought you was just getting mad or some shit lmaooo

    Welcome to GC anyway man :gc_rocks::gc_rocks:
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  15. People have bad experiences with weed? It's not rocket appliances but would you keep smokin it ?

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  16. Sweet trip report!
    Congrats on your adventure OP!

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