horoscope is right for me wtf! look

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  1. in the paranthesies when i break down how its right.

    ]You are enthusiastic, even a little bold,(im doing what i want and im allways working on my igloo even though it will melt by next week if it doesnt snow =[) this month. Whether it’s big or small, you are ready for an adventure(yeah ive been going on mad adventures at the snowpark!=]). An exciting new friendship or alliance is likely around the 7th(THE &TH I WAS BOARDING AND I MET one of the coolest kids ive ever chilled with and we got baked as fuck with a group of random peeps hahahahah and his name was brice). Watch for tensions with a partner around the 19th--jealousy may raise its ugly head and cause some friction.(i dont no for this one) It’s a good month for business, although some communication snafus are possible in the second half of the month,(well im liking this girl and im about to start sharing my bud with the community ;)) and confusion could reign on the 8th(im confused about the jealousy thing). As well, profits for all of your efforts may not be realized until a later date.(i wont be able to pickup for awhile or i save for a bong? or volcano?:smoking:
  2. We also played tag on the snowboarding hill with a group of like 5 kids baked as fuck. and last night i went boarding and i hit mad rails and jumps and we were cutting through like 3 or 4 hills on 1 ruN! iT WAS ALL ICE man that shit was mad crazy i want to do it agaiN! im not afraid shit man im pumped. this weed gets ur blood flowing yeah.
  3. Man i think i sound reall high. but in all reality or whatever im in i dont really care and i have a story to post if someone laughts at any of that about a someone while boarding hahah
  4. if you analyze your life long enough, you can say it was dead on with a horoscope prediction every time.
  5. Good it points out good things though so it makes me i dunno man im high. but yeah i met this dude and hes like this ur pole and he was wasted and i could barely talk i was so high and he was swerving and shit on the ice hahaha. and we rode up the lift and talked but then he went with his friends
    and then i saw him at the bottom leaving so i took out my bowl at the top hit it while riding down and blew all the smoke at them while i was leaving hahah and they all just started laughing lol
  6. haha ive had something like this happen to me. One time my dad and i went to this chinese buffet and when they gave us the fortune cookie, the fortune said something like "you will learn something new about someone in your family" and my dad had just got done telling me about some family history.

    Also the "lucky numbers for today" that were at the bottom, 6 out of the 7 had been used at some point that day, 4 in that conversation with my dad.

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