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  1. i think i put a little too much "Superthrive" (vitamin - hormone) in my mother's watering solution. - Could that hurt her or do i need to replace the water?
  2. You insult the site users
  3. ??????????? I humbly apologize to Froghunter and anyone else from this site. I am a new poster and I thought I have asked a very simple straight-forward question. I would prefer not to be argumentitive or insultive to any one!!!

    As much as I have lurked here, and all the repeated questions and answers I have read, I have never seen anyone's question immeadately slapped as an "insult" let alone an "insult to all users!"

    Perhaps you should take a puff Froghunter and relax...
  4. I think we should all take a puff, and too answer your question, In my opinion, you should leave the water as you found it, but do as you would do.

    you do not insult all the users, just the ones who are pros at this stuff.
  5. Considering this is the absolute beginners' section I think this isn't a bad question. I also think you should be ok with the Superthrive. A lot people that use it use quite a bit more than the recommended dosage. I've heard but not experienced that usage during flowering can cause light airy buds but for a mother plant you should be fine.
  6. Thank You buzb8lvr, I have read a lot about hormones being used with certian processes - rooting and transplanting, etc... I have recently transplanted my mother into a 3 gallon bucket (complete with holes at the bottem and so on) So, I thought this may help it not go into shock as long. So, I get this Superthrive last night because I am unable to find anything else described on this site as far as vitamins or hormones. Well, being that I am new I mis-read the label and put in tablespoons rather than teaspoons. (I am usually more careful than that.) I crapped when I re-read the label and then I had read that some cultivaters of other garden plants have used this product in excess and had faverable results. However, knowing that my garden of choice is known to burn easy, I wanted to ask the experts before I totally burn my mother. Instead, I am told I am being insultive. Frankly, I think that being that we are all here for the same thing (Other than the cops that moniter this!) that simple questions that can be easily ignored if someone doesn't have an answer, rather than causing an instant sandbox squabble. - kind of immature...

    I would like to thank blEW_slUsh_(i) and buzb8lvr for thier good, smart ideas.
  7. hey froghunter, what the hell is wrong with you?? ive seen a couple of your posts and i dont think a single one of them really made sense! Why does he "insult the site users" by asking that?!?
  8. Agreed, the guy makes no sense - put him on ignore if he bothers you.

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