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  1. o.k....so i been smoking a few and got the old brain ticking over again........

    i was thinking, would it be possible to grow a plant on it's side?

    i mean to make a cap for over the soil, that has a hole big enough for a decent size plant........like 2 halves, with a semi circle on each that encloses the stalk.......

    that way if i just rotate the plant, then the buds may possibly end up bigger, as they will, not be fighting Mr Newton......lol.....they'll just grow along the way.....all the buds will reseive light......unlike a light from above, even if the pot is rotated.

    anyone have any thoughts?

    Peace out.........Sid
  2. Smoke another one and explain this horizontal thing better! :D
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  3. lol......o.k.......get your plant, hold it at an angle of 90 degrees, and have it grow that way.......kinda like the way the buds end up growing in when under a screen of green..........Peace out.......Sid

    but with a special device to hold the soil in.......
  4. like this?......

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  5. john you hit it right on the head........that's it....i was trying to think of a motor system to rotate it.....that would be ideal.........i think the yield would be increased........as for the link jilly, i've seen similar machines, but i don't think they are big enough for the plants.......2 plants across at full flower for me, would be 5' + the size of the pots...........taking it to 7' overall..........i imagine that's about 3-5'!.........Peace out...........Sid
  6. got this from www.omegagarden.com tries to explane the the stunting effect


    We have coined the phrase "Orbitropism" based on Geotropism

    Geotropism is caused by plant growth hormones known as auxins. Auxins can
    speed up or slow down the growth of certain areas of a plant. If a plant
    stem falls and continues growing it is thought that the stem bends upward
    when auxins are pulled to the bottom side of the stem by gravity. The
    bottom side then grows faster than the top side which causes it to bend
    upward, As the stem becomes upright
    again the auxins even out and the stem then grows straight.
    The Omega Garden perfectly demonstrates the effects of geotropism on
    plants. That's it's basis for success...
    The Omega garden is never in one spot but constantly turning at a slow
    rate, with the root zone passing through a nutrient solution when it
    reaches the bottom.. The fact that the plants are turning at a constant
    rate utilizes the effects of geotropism and the growth hormones (auxins)
    that help orient a plant by forcing faster growth through the production of
    elongated cells where they are concentrated.. Auxins are now distributed
    evenly throughout the plant causing faster growth all over instead of being
    used to grow a stem faster on one side to help orient or right itself into
    a positive/negative geotropic position...
    1. The Omega Garden is the best way to maximize grow space, minimize
    power consumption, and utilize geotropism to spread growth auxins
    throughout the plant.. Plants grown in these systems are quite bushy and
    well filled in...

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  7. I'm a believer in the K.I.S.S. method of growing. Why make something more complicated than you have to?

    But that deal cood work, like a Ronco indoor rotissere. You could also stick a chicken at the end of the plant and cook your meal while your plant grows?
  8. geo tropism will turn the tip away from newton


    so what u are doing is fighting the previous mentioned hormones.

    yes u will have a bushier plant but my guess is that it will take longer to get that bush then normal.

    dont fight geotropism...work with it.

    i know they are doing stuff in space, trying to create spinning moves that let the plant know where newton is but they havnt had much sucess to date.
  9. a friend told me he would stake his out door plans to the ground every 6 in as it grew....keeping them just bearly off the ground

    when it was done

    and ready to harvest

    the plant was along the ground and the buds where sticking up.....
    as well as the leaves of corse they always point twords the sun

    now i never acctualy saw this in opperation

    but i have smoked some pretty decent bud from his garden
  10. the wheel is pretty simple and is working with gravity, it is the plants that fight gravity, the rotation actually seems to speed up the growth
  11. or you come out of the wheel like Arnold in Conan

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  12. HIGH All, same boat as BPP and BoB_Beard1...I like to keep things simple. I'm in my room upteen times during lights on..but I don't have to be everything is done when nutes are changed and good till next week...I just find it hard to leaf the room *LOL*.

    PH stays around 5.7 to 6.0 and the PPM goes from 1300 to 700. Start All over again next week.
  13. the turning of the soil would disturbe the roots too much.
    to stop the soil becoming lose during the turning it wud have to be packed in very hard.
    IMHO a rockwool cube kept damp from a drip or turning so that the lower part of the cube touched a res of water would b about the only strata to use.
    the use of rockwool over soil would also lessen the mass of the items to be turned.
  14. tis possible
    if u try it
    pleaz post results

  15. i was thinking of something similar, but without the rockwool... just have like an exposed root aeroponic type system, with misting heads... have a hole in the base of the bucket going through the middle of the pulley, and have it using 1/2" pve going into the bucket, so the sprayers are fixed and the roots rotate infront of them... ill draw a picture of what im thinking of....
  16. It doesn't matter, as someone said geotropism will take the tip upwards and the roots downwards anyway. vertical growing, like the coliseum is a damn efficient way to grow though, need a lot of room though, vertical room at least, and gotta like hydro. :)
  17. a bit over a month later and i remember what the hell im doin.... heh.....

    i think you get the idea... any confusion let me know, i'd be glad to elaborate... im really gettin into this concept... just for a test at least... i can read all i like... but i still gotta test it... :D

    any idears would be welcome aswell :smoke:

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  18. i dont think it would matter if the plant was turning all the time, if anything it would make the plant more stocky.

    john, how would you hold the plant? i can see the basket but how is the plant held in it? at the risk of answering my own question maybe if it was grown upright in a net pot untill the roots intangled the pot (maybe stuffed with rockwool). also as the plant grows and puts on bud (weight) theres gonna be a lot of leverage acting on the point where the stem is held, with the constant rotation its going to have to be held tight to avoid stress facture of the stem/roots but still lose enough to allow the stem to fatten up, its going to have to be stronger/wider than a normal stem as its acting as a fulcrum for the weight of the plant rather than a base/ballance point.

    if from the center of the basket came a tube of chicken wire surported by a bar then the plant could grow inside it, the branches poking out of the holes in the wire but still getting surport. simmiler to what is put around young trees to stop the dear eating them. i could do a pic if you wanted but im sure you get the idea and your better at the pics than i am so.....
  19. funny you mention the screen idea.... i was thinking that same thing at 5 in the morning today, but had to go to sleep... basicially just mount afew .25" steel rods on the bucket extending out maybe 12 - 18" and wrap screen around it.... basicially like an omega garden except the plant grows toward the outdie of the cylinder, instead of in....

    im workin on the picture.... which by the way rhino 3d.... so if anyone has a copy of rhino id be glad to send ya a copy so you can see it from all sides....

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