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Horizon - A Minecraft Survival Server for Blades Friends of Blades

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by I'm Not Sober, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. #1 I'm Not Sober, Feb 22, 2015
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    Server is ONLINE!
    We now have a Discord Voice & Text server thanks to Aribrona!
    Download Discord Here

    Discord invites will be handed out ONLY through Private Message.
    Send me a PM and I will get you set up. Invites are only good for 24 hours.
    Server Address:

    This is a PC Minecraft server running 1.11 Survival for Blades & friends of!
    Post your Minecraft IGN to be whitelisted!

    Some general 'rules' to abide by:
    • Respect other players' builds, do not grief or steal
    • Do not use modified clients/XRAY
    • Smoke weed everyday
    • Essentials (/sethome, /tpa etc)
    • Lockette (Locks chests, doors, and other blocks with signs) View Lockette Tutorial
    • Dynamic Webmap (Allows you to view the world without even logging on! See link above.)
    • Custom Nicknames
    • If you have any suggestions for mods/plugins, post them in the thread!
    Useful Commands:
    • /sethome homename (Set your home teleport) (Can set up to 15 homes!)
    • /home homename (Teleport to a home that you have set)
    • /back (Teleport to your previous location)
    • /spawn (Teleport to Horizon's Spawn)
    • /tpa playername (Request teleport to targeted player)
    • /afk (Let other players know you are away from keyboard)
    • /help (Shows a list of commands)
    • /helpop (Request assistance from online server operators)
    • /nick Nickname (Use a custom nickname on the server) (Want a colored nickname? Give an OP one of these color codes!)

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  2. Tried to get on but kept timing out... didn't think it was my netz but I could be wrong. I'll try again tonight.
    It's fixed now!
  4. #4 Aribrona, Feb 22, 2015
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    Hello Everyone!
    I'm OP's Friend. Who Runs the MC server.
    so a Bit on me:
    I currently Work for a WisP (wireless ISP) as a Voice Engineer. I love doing nerdy shit/Learning new stuff.
    I have experience with the following:
    • Microsoft Server OS (03,08,12)
    • Linux Server OS (Centos)
    • Asterisk Opensource PBX
    • OpenSips
    • Microsoft Exchange & SQL
    • MYSQL
    • TCP/IP as well as some advanced networking concepts and basics of routing (OSPF, Connected etc etc)
    • IPSec & other VPN networking
    • Wireshark
    • VM Ware ESXI
    • SIP & H.323
    • T.38 (Fax over IP)
    • Fixed Wireless networks 
    • Wireless infrastructure
    I have/had the following certs:
    • CCENT (Cisco certified entry level network tech)
    • MTCNA (Mikrtotik Certified Network associate)
    • MTCTCE (Mikrotik Certified Traffic Control Engineer)
    • Mysql intro (Mysql stuff)
    • Ruckis WiSE Level 1 (Ruckus Wireless Implementation/Infrastructure Engineer)
    I Hope to Soon Obtain MY OSP (OpenSips Professional) as well as DCCA (Digium Certified Asterisk Adminstrator) and eventually DCAP (Digium Certified Asterisk Professional)
    TLDR i'm a huge fucking nerd.
    Outside of all the Nerdy shit,
    • I love to Cook
    • I have a Mutt i rescued from a Shelter (Dexter)
    • I'm a Huge Seahawks Fan (yes i'm from Washington)
    SO I bet your Wondering what the Tech Specs of the server are?
    The Map Name is Horizon
    Currently It Is a VM (Virtual machine) on an ESXI (Virtual Machine Hyper-visor) server, Which Means i can Upscale the resources should we need
    Here are the Current Spec's of The VM 
    • OS: CentOS 6.5 
    • Memory: 8 GB
    • Processors (2 Core AMD Opteron Running at 2.4 Ghz Per Core)
    • Minecraft Server Flavor: Spigot MC 1.8.1 which is essentially Bukkit but Optimized for performance and reliability. (cant run Bukkit as it was DCMA, also i can run bukkit plugin's on spigot so fuck it)
    Current Mods/Plugins:
    • Essentials
    (if you guys have any suggestions, let me know and i can look into it.)
    Finally, To Inspire some confidence in the set up. Check out this Video:
    Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions/Concerns!
    Enjoy the server!
  5. Im on right now.
  6. Damn dude your way over qualified to run a minecraft server lol
    Lol, this is just a hobby my dude. I'm just glad people are using it.
    Hey man can you check skype? Some message keeps popping up on the server, sent you a screen.
  9. Here's some screenshots of what we've been up to on the server
    Hanging animals in the air
    [​IMG]My home
    [​IMG]Grif's Home
  10. how are you Guya flying? Isn't it survival?

    Which server are you all playing on? This one or the other guys?

  11. We are playing on this one, and in those pictures I am not flying, I am just high up.
  12. More people should get on yo
    So far it's myself, demator, booblady, herbcraft & zane who have been on this server. I feel bad for ditching the other guy but I have faith that this server will be around a long time, it's stable and the OP is easy to communicate with.
  14. Hows the server holding up? Any more issues?
  15. LOL...


    Since last night it's been running great
  17. @Aribrona can you whitelist soulofareaper when you get a chance? thanks bro
  18. won't let me walk out the front door at spawn
  19. coming to help
    i meant to say something to somebody about that hahaha
    We need to fix that 

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