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Hopup's rainy day pickup (pics inside!)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by hopup, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. Haven't shared for awhile... So I just picked this up last night, 1/4 for $80. A bit on the dry side but he gave me 7.4 So I'm not complaining! I burned a bowl with my guy and man OH MAN. This shit is the Bees Kness.

    I've burned a few bowls so the pics will show less then a 1/4, that and I didn't feel like pulling every little bud out of the sack-that and it's kinda shakey since it was the bottom of my guy's sack. So here's a few pics I snapped before my camera batteries died (I swear we have no f*cking charged AA batteries in my house!)

    Enjoy. I know I will! :smoke:

    Attached Files:

  2. 1. Pretty lookin buds, i wanna smoke them!
    2. Get a battery charger doofus
    3. Get a battery charger doofus

    :rolleyes: is it dense?
  3. Those buds just look great to smoke, very appealing!

  4. That's some dank budski bro
  5. That looks like amazing stuff. I like how you have the sticker on your lighter. +rep. I do the same thing so I don't get it mixed up with anyone else.
  6. Gracias everyone!

    Yes, very. I never really looked at the pictures until after I posted, but that long one is HUGE! Well, that I've gotten in a sack in awhile. ANd yeah I know I REALLY need to get a battery charger, Or find one..

    Thanks! Yeah it's funny how often people try to steal lighters..
  7. dude what you diggin around the bottom of your guys sack for? lol sorry i am high and that made me giggle

    good lookin buds, i just picked up last night and i have 3 nugs that are bigger than the one you posted...rediculous! i have never had nugs this big, i bet 2 of them are 1/4 in weight. i payed a little more than you did too, 45 an 8th
  8. some dank from the northwest, nice looking buds bro

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