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Hops and weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gumby420, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. So i know hops and weed are related. but ive also noticed most of my weed "connoisseur" friends are all hop heads. i love IPAs and some IPAs have that same sweet skunky smell. i work at a brewery and deal with hops a lot and it really is so similar its crazy. hops and and buds look so close in structure. but whatever.

    how many of you weed smokers are hop heads as well? i sure as hell am.

    Favorite IPA would have to be the Ninkasi Tricerahops or the Sierra Nevada Torpedo extra IPA.
  2. I hear exactly what your are saying gumby!

    I'm also a big fan of IPA's. In England we are spoilt for choice with so many Real Ales and small independent breweries. Admittedly I know nothing about the relationship between hops and buds in scientific terms though!

    Greene King IPA is a real favourite of mine - its a real mild, silky smooth one!


    Doom Bar by Sharp's Brewery is fantastic - just classic hoppy beer with a bit MORE bite!
  3. i know it wont get u high but can u smoke hops and does it have a good smoke flavor?
  4. I love beer and bud I love Canadian beers like Labat blue and Molson
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    I love IPAs! All hail Stone Ruination!!! Over 100 IBU's.
  6. Huge hop head here.

    Love my my dogfish head 90 minute.
    The 120 is crazy goods but way too hard to get
    A buddy and I ended up buying a case at 12 bucks a bottle from 3 different stores. It was worth it though :)

    I'm also down with the bells two hearted ale
  7. Here here.

    My favorites at the moment are dogfish head 90 min, laguntus maxims, river horse hopalotomus, and my assortment of home brew.

    Although my hop love doesn't stop at ipas. My current stout of choice is victory storm king imperial stout. And quite possibly the best beer ever to.touch my lips was Russian river plunges the elder.
  8. some very good beers there. Do you mean pliny the elder? if so, thats also another favorite.

  9. I heard about this stuff. Pliney the elder.
    They also make pliney the younger which is supposedly the best double ipa out there.

    They say when places get kegs of this stuff it's gone in 15 minutes. Lines down the block.
    Some epic status right there.

    They have the coolest looking bottle I've seen. Bottles on ebay going for $100+

    Just makes me want it even more lol

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