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  1. hey everyone
    I’m still A newbie having only grown in soil and coco. Each grow I’m still weeding out the bugs to dial in a proper and consistent development. But I am having the urge to try Aeroponics. I’ve got everything I need already from when I tried DWC, which I failed at.

    Reason for failure with DWC attempt was that I was using the wrong feed chart and they were likely starving for nutes.

    But still being a newbie am I wasting my time and money giving Aeroponics a try, with the correct feed chart? Am I setting myself up for failure?

  2. You're not wasting your time or money if you enjoy it. It depends on your priorities. Would you rather try something new or go the safer option and do something youve done before?
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  3. if you've got everything for DWC why are you switching to airo
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  4. Good question.
    Why not try hydro again, and feed correctly?
    Those feed charts will have you feed them much too much.
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  5. I'll help you with Hydro if you want. Been doing it for years now.
    Read my journal for my hydro setup, feeding, etc...
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  6. I guess I’m just experimenting with different methods of growing to see if there’s one that I grasp better than the others. Just to see which works best for me.
  7. Just to try it I suppose. Is Aeroponics more difficult to dial in than DWC or are they relatively the same?
  8. The feed chart I was using was actually for coco but I didn’t catch on. When I look up their recirculating chart it shows a lot more nutes/gallon.
    Is what they’re showing too much? Are their better feed charts available using flora series?
  9. That’s awesome thanks so for the link and help.
  10. I've never tried Airo but I imagine its pretty close to the same. I would stick with DWC if I was you. can get some pretty crazy growth in DWC


    thats your feed chart if your using the GH trio. cut the strength to 1/4 or 1/3.

    I.E. if it says 10ml per gallon, only use 2.5ml
  11. Everytime you add complexity to a system, there is more to go wrong.
    Why spray water on roots in aero with things that can go clog, when you can have the roots sit in water in dwc, with less to go wrong?
    Personally, I wouldn't touch aero until I got very good at dwc.

    If you fed wrong in hydro, then you haven't given hydro a fair trial.
    Forget the feed charts.
    It's possible to grow great dwc plants with ppm(500) = 350 from seed to harvest, using the same 1-part nute from seed to harvest. Or 3-part nutes.
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  12. When you’re doing DWC, are you filling the water level up to the baskets? Or pumping to top feed?
    I tried with a 2 pale system and a 3rd as the reservoir.
    But I may have enough supplies to give DWC another try with one pale, then try the Aeroponics setup next to it.

    Lastly am I scaling down the entire chart for nutes? Or just where the nute levels increase?(probably a dumb question)
  13. I've never top fed. and the nutrient level doesn't need to be touching the baskets.

    everything gets cut to 1/4.
    example. week 1 seedling, you would use 2.5ml of each in 4 gallons of water.

    where are you getting your water from?

    I'm probably the least experienced of the majority of the people who answered you. so take everything everyone has said into consideration.
  14. I think you should try to learn from your mistake, and master DWC before jumping. You will have new headaches. New costs. New mistakes to make. I say get back on that DWC horse and tame that sum-bitch! Yeehaw!! Lol!

    This is kind of funny though. I've been growing for ages, from dirt to hydro and now I am going the complete opposite direction. Back to basics. Organic 'soil' in grow bags, sitting on rocks in an oil drip tray, with a wick draw system.

    Haven't been happier. I barely do anything anymore and my plants seem to love it. They do most of the work. I fill the res on each tray. Wait until the res is sucked dry, then fill it again. My bags are always heavy, saturated, but my plants are never over-watered, steady growing. Roots are exploding out of the bottom of the bags,
    and swimming at the surface.

    Since the last week or so going into flower, I can watch a plant inhale about a gallon from the res in about 3-5 minutes, much of which is sucked up by the roots wrapped around in the rocks below. Gravity/saturation regulate the capillary action of the wicks which slowly suck up left over water when the plant needs it.. I call it pseudo-hydro-ganics haha!

    I'm getting real good growth rates too. One month to take 12 x 4-5" peat puck clones in 5 gallon bags and pretty near stuff a 6x6 tent. One week into flower and the tent is fully jammed up now.

    Keeping it simple is working great for me. Good luck with your decision.
  15. Thank you everyone for the advice. It looks like I should take everyone’s advice and try to master DWC again. Give it another shot before making things more difficult.

    So before moving into Aeroponics I’ll give DWC another go and see what happens. With that said; I’ve currently got my flower are full with 4 plants flowering in coco. But those will be done in time.
    My veg area I’ve only got room for one more pale, am I able to modify the DWC system to use one pale or should I setup the separate reservoir somehow?
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  16. here ya go
    Bubble bucket hydro method 101
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